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Exodos 1826: A Road of No Return

Exodos 1826: A Road of No Return

Also known as: Έξοδος 1826; Exodos 1826: A Road of No Return

Year: 2017

Genres: Biography,History,War

Countries: Greece

Rating: 7.6

Cast: Dimitris Papadopoulos; Leonidas Kakouris; Maria Androutsou; Vasilis Tsikaras; Christos Batzios; Kostas Antoniadis; Kyriakos Chrysidhs; Dimitris Dimou; Stavros Doukouziannis; Dimitris Elias; Vasiliki Graikou; Giorgos Hatzitheodorou; Nikos Ioannidis; Stavros Karageorgoadis; Maria Klearchou

Storyline: Captain Mihos Floros returns to Samarina to gather more men and lead them to the besieged by the Ottomans, Missolonghi, in order to assist the fight of the resistance at General Makris' bastion. With his personal friend Elias Manakas and 25 more men by his side, begins the long journey to get to Missolonghi and join Zisis Hatzimatis and the rest of their fellow countrymen. On March 1826, they start a journey full of adversities through the mountains. Back at the village of Samarina, the women try to find out from Heleni Floros the real reason their husbands had to leave in a hurry. Meanwhile, Ibrahim Pasha and the Turkish commandant of Arta, N. Servan, get ready to launch the final assault on Missolonghi.

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