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Al Medina

Al Medina

Also known as: Medina

Year: 2015

Genres: Drama

Countries: Denmark,Jordan

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Sara Hjort Ditlevsen; Omar Shargawi

Storyline: Yusif is half Danish, half Arab travels to the Middle Eastern city of Medina – along with his pregnant Danish wife, Sarah. Yusif wants to start a new life with his wife in his father’s hometown. He is convinced that this is where he belongs and happiness lies ahead. But shortly after their arrival, Yusif is unintentionally responsible for a beggar boy’s death. The people of the street beat up Sarah and Yusif. She miscarries. He is put in prison for murder. The only thing that keeps Yusif’s spirit up in the Arab prison, is the thought of seeing Sarah again and his faith in God. But when he realizes that he has to sit in a prison hole for the rest of his life, he loses his patience, faith and hope. All that is left is anger towards the Creator he used to love.

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