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  1. Remember when you get new spells via talents that it is more then likely there will already be upgrades for that spell available at your class trainer.
  2. you take damage when falling really high onto water. An example is falling from the edge of an island in Greenmont – thanks Neil!
  3. Traveling is expensive. Make a second character and leave him at the auction house in Greenmont. Mail him things to buy and sell not only your items and armor, but also your various skill books as you approach certain levels.
  4. Grouping with one or more people for the kill 20 of X quests makes them go a lot faster. Especially when there are many people in an area.
  5. To get a trade skill, you need to do the Apprentice quest in Silence. Then you pick a skill and receive a note for the skill master. Once you give it to him, a crafting tab will show up under spells. You then need to buy recipes.
  6. If you played World of Warcraft. Rangers can spec as either WoW rangers or rogues. Mages have damage and crowd control trees. Monks are kind of like Paladins who can spec damage or healing. Warriors are just as they are in Wow. They deal direct damage and lots of it on one spec, and can defend and mitigate damage while doing some decent damage in the other.
  7. If you get to where the quest arrow takes you and there is nothing there, it usually means the item you need will drop by killing nearby mobs.
  8. Most people know there is an Auction house in Greenmont, but it is not very well known there is a single auctioneer in the city of Bellshoal.
  9. For classes with instant melee/bow damage skills, the higher the average damage of your main hand weapon, the more damage the skills will do. Sometimes the weapon with the highest average damage does not mean the highest auto attack dps. But, for most mobs you will be killing mostly with your special attacks not auto attack.
  10. If you get stuck or need to get higher on a hill that you can’t otherwise walk all the way up. Try jumping on diagonals.
  11. Save up your grenadines/bronze minerals/poor furs. They sell for about 20-30s a stack (20 pieces) if you can find good deals. Great way to get money.
  12. For people who constantly lose connection: if you’re fighting a mob or two and think you might not survive, just run out of their attack range and you should be fine. Do this till connection goes to the green again.
  13. Holding down a chat circle (e.g. Global) will mute that channel.
  14. Finally, find a guild. Usually you’ll come across helpful, supportive people that can guide you along the way.
  15. If you are having trouble getting somewhere because of all the mobs, look for a path up a nearby hill. You can often get around dangerous areas by climbing above them and walking on the top of the hill. This is useful for getting to boss mobs are the back of an area.
  16. There is no need to kill mobs just o gain exp. You get a lot more exp from doing quests. Lvl 22 is the only time that quests are in short supply and you may have to grind to 23 when lots more become available.
  17. Pinching to zoom on your character will give you a first person view.
  18. If you are swimming, hold the jump button. This will make you swimjump very fast. Nice technique to escape from enemies. -Babagahnoosh
  19. While there are only 3 slots that you can use immediately without scrolling, when using a spell, the edge of the 4th slot (The right one) becomes touchable, giving you a 4th slot/spell without having to scroll. -Many thanks again Babagahnoosh
  20. If you get stuck or fall to a place you don’t intend to be, you can recall to the nearest graveyard by going Options > Help > Break-Away
  21. Even where grouping is helpful, there are no areas where one *needs* a tank or healer that I have seen yet. Accordingly, dont decide to go defensive warrior or pure healing monk thinking it will “help you get groups” because it doesnt seem that it will. Pick a class that will be fun solo or in groups.
  22. Teleport Wings are available to some towns on supply merchants with the bread icons in the town you’re looking to teleport to. Alternatively you can buy all of them in a Teleport Master in greenmont near the auction house. -Diwata
  23. While in the Great Desert there aren’t many quests to help you level there are a lot of grinding opportunities (which you will need to do sadly) -Cf2233
  24. Dieing becomes incredibly expensive especially when you get to higher levels so a good trick is to mail all your money to an alt every time you head back to town and send it back when you need to go on a buying spree. Additionally you can send small amounts of gold in separate letters from the money alt so you can get money from the mailbox without having to switch characters.
  25. Master Sergeant Symbol is dropped by the Giant Earth Elemental which spawns South of Glimmermoor, on an approximate 4 hour respawn timer.
  26. Currently crafting skills do not give you better armor then the rewards from quests. There are exceptions where an item may be better for a couple of levels, but if you’re diligent about doing all the quests in a zone you won’t get much benefit from crafting armor or weapons. Selling the raw materials on the Auction House however can make you a ton of money to simply buy the armor and weapons you need.
  27. In anticipation of a level cap raise, save the volcanic ash, demonic ash and vita spring drops that you collect while farming mobs. This will be a great way to lvl up a few levels quickly when the new cap is implemented. -Agentorange
  28. Now this strategy is for those gettin targeted by force PvP players while you’re busy completing your quest.
    If you’re in an area of PvPs and you notice that some players are attacking you..First thing you can do is to run out of his sight.(unless youre upto a fight) or you can just hit the quit button on the main menu. This will bring your character back on the login screen. Now you can wait and login back in the game w/o giving that player another stat on their PvP – ZIG