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Talent Calculator

  • Kew

    thanks for the calculator!!…love it!!


    The calculator don’t work…

  • Babylon

    cannot use this calculator …

  • Edwardgoran

    What does this even do?

  • purplemonkey

    This calculator is cool, but my god, this is a mobile app, why on earth would you decide that right click is a good choice as an input method? 

    For those who are trying to use this thing from your phone/ipad device, stop.  Use it on your PC.  Using it on a mobile device web browser is like slamming your balls in drawer…

    • Gest

      Errr…you do know it says “click to learn” in green when you tap on a skill

      • Danail

        You also need a right click to unlearn as talent.

        • nono

          there is a new update where have u been

  • Diego!

    I have a question! Can i spend my points in bOth talents? Or just in one talent?

    • Kingkazma

      You can put them in both areas but it depends on your charector.

  • Gaghfsh

    calculator skills are not the same as game skills

  • New version of calculator is here: http://oac-head.com/calc/
    It available in 10 languages for iOS and Android talant trees

  • kevinwow123

    how do i reset my talent tree on the app!!

  • loufiros

    Do you know if can reset the talent calculator in the game?

  • marewa

    it might be a good to have a display of character raw stats such as crit/hit rate based on the class, level, and skill tree. Just a tree doesn’t really do too much good.

  • obleh

    did the ‘off-hand expert’ and ‘dual wield expert’ are working with the shild in off-hand?

  • OccipitantX

    This needs to be updated! It’s been two updates now since the talent trees were completely changed in the level 70 update, and this is junk now! Get on you stuff this isn’t even a dead website!

  • Jeric Ian A Magnaye

    infused shadow says increase regeneration in android why it says here different?

  • randy

    the talents are out of date

  • Flytet

    The max lvl is 60?

  • the~mage

    they need to update

  • Jacob Hunter

    this is worthless. The skills on here are not the same on the game.

  • Jim Cole

    HELPPPPPPPP ME PLAYYYYYYYYYYYYY…… please someone for the love of OaC help me!! please read my rant.

    What is the got darn problem with the dev’s of this game, android and google constantly pulling OaC off places like facebook etc? I CAN’T PLAY THIS GAME! I dlow OaC on my ZTE cell but the screen is to small and my thumb covers half the darn screen so I downloaded it to my Xpeira z and wanted to use my gamepad but no my got darn cell need root!!!! and OTG support.

    So I went to go buy a new beautiful and powerful LG Tribute with the perfect screen for touch control gaming, setting up my tribute, get to Google play with excitement of playing OaC on my tribute and then out of nowhere I get an android update… oh nice, android always getting better. Went back to Google play and now I can’t download OaC because android Tech’s decide that it is ok to block external side of our sd card WTF!, whyyyyy would you do this ?

    After being upset for two days and my kids keeping me happy and leveled headed I had an awesome idea, time to get my alienware lab out the pawn shop but I had no money but wait I have my PS4 and nothing pop’n on PS4 right now so I can pawn this baby for cash and get my AW out and it worked flawlessly. So I am now home, hook my AW up DL Bluestacks,DL OaC, hit open and drumroll nothing happen WTF!!!#&^#%^@#^@#&# @)( **@*^#*&#& *&#*#(@(&(#(&*(*#(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andile Sinkwa Ralehoko

    Will there be Flame knight type classes in the future for Healers and Rangers cause some of us aren’t mindless and savage but strategic