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There's a computer world phenomenon known as blog. It started as a compilation of comments in no apparent order in what appears as continual words of wit or wisdom or wisecracks.

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CHINESE, YES! BUT, WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? - SKS LESchwartz, if you're still out there. I ran across a supposedly Chinese with no receiver cover markings; nothing on the left side of the receiver except a serial number (all numeric, 6 or 7 digits); on the right side of the receiver are threee lines of type beginning with Labamu, Inc Ronkonkoma, Ny, 2nd line had some words plus 7.62 X 39mm and 3rd line was indistinct.

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Cavalry Use of Pistols? – Forgotten Weapons Bryden points into the right direction, I believe. Sadly I am really myopic when it comes to history, so I can only point out the German “reiter” (funny that the term is also used in English, had to look it up), horse-mounted pistoleers of the 16th century.

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Dating a Chinese SKS - Milsurps 1. yooper is a great site . 2. but he is incorrect about the intro of the chinese character in 1963 , i have a pic of a /26\ 1962 with the 3 chinese character.

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