The Whispering Islands

(Levels 30-40)
Thanks Shotah for this Guide!


Quest Progression:
Port Eversummer (levels 29-31) – Mailbox
Camp of Hemir (levels 31-33) – Mailbox/Storage Box
Vega Square (levels 33-34)
Waker Camp (levels 34-35)
Fallen Star Strait / Hall of Reverie (levels 35-36) – Mailbox/Storage Box
Waker Camp (south side) / Eristar Graveyard (levels 36-37)
Sea Shore (levels 37-38) – Mailbox/Storage Box

Daily Quests: (Can be performed every 12 hours)
Port Eversummer: Main Course (Daily) from Raveen [lvl 30 rcmd]
Camp of Hemir: Sharp Poisonous Fangs (Daily) from Hemir [lvl 32 rcmd]
Vega Square: Before the Front Lines (Daily) from Jamalan [lvl 35 rcmd]
Waker Camp: The One’s Legacy (Daily) from Commander Greyfrey [lvl 37 rcmd]
Hall of Reverie: Fish? Fishfolk! (Daily) from Alraron [lvl 33 rcmd]

Repeatable Quests:
Port Eversummer: Hunting Season from Abner (Fresh Meat x10)
Vega Square: City of Ruin from Malachi (Adamant Marble x10)
Waker Camp (south side): Gravedigger from Daren (Pure Stone x10)

Quick Tip:
If you need to grind out any levels in the early 30’s … grind on any of the tattooed guys northwest of the Camp of Hemir … A majority drop either vendorable gray items or green BOE items in addition to gold.