Tear Coast

Tear Coast


(Levels 12 – 20)



Tear Coast is a region east of the Arcadian Forest. It is home to 8 areas and can be accessed by teleportation or walking east through Windmill Farm. Traveling there before level 10 is ill advised.


Bellshoal (~12-14) – Largest town in the Tear Coast. As such it is often used as a hub for going to and from each quest area. Read more here.

Crystal Tower (~13-15) – This is a small area that leads you to the see to do some quests before sending you to Reeves Manor. Pretty easy although the saving the sailor mission can take forever as they seem to spawn about once a minute.

Reeves Manor (~14-18) – A larger hub in that it sends you off to deal with the spiders and caves up north. There are three camps north of the Manor that offer quests so make sure to do all of them. Great XP in this area.

Salty Wind (~18-20) – This is the last major area in Tear Coast and as such is for the highest level range before venturing into the Swamp of Wyrms.

Other areas are:

  • Old Oak Mine
  • Knahswahs Prison
  • Darknet Wood
  • Silent Castle
  • Secret Cave