Swamp of Wyrms

Swamp of Wyrms is the region north of Tear Coast. It is generally the third zone that players will visit from the levels of 20 – 30. It is accessible from Teleport Master from Bellshoul to Old Oak Mine to Bordhill. Swamp of Wyrms is notable as being the first place to feature zone wide PVP.

The Relic’s Key Dungeon

The first dungeon in Order and Chaos The Relic’s Key will be located in the southern part of Swamp of Wyrms with the release of Update #2. There will be both a regular 35+ and a legendary level 60 mode.


This zone is currently a little messed up when it comes to a clean leveling process. Somewhere in the early to mid twenties most of the quests dry up except for a few repeatable quests. These quests are to turn in 10 of a quest item that have a chance to drop off every mob in the zone.

  • Swamp Worms – The repeatable quest to turn these in is located at the quest hub at the fork on the road just below the Necromancer’s Academy
  • Mysterious Spores – The repeatable quest to turn these in is located in Glimmermoor
  • Fragments of Lost Scrolls – The repeatable quest to turn these in is located at Wyrgast’s Library


  • Bordhill
  • Necromancer’s Academy
  • Glimmermoor
  • Port Verecy
  • Arkan’s Field
  • Eye of the Swamp
  • Wyrgast’s Library – While there are a couple of quests here beforehand, 26 is the level most things open up here.
  • Saithion Lair
  • Miskatonia
  • Eoltarblod