Arcadian Forest

Arcadian Forest Locations
The Arcadian Forest (levels 1-12) is the region where players begin the game. It’s a large area of 9 towns, castles and camps. In between the towns you can find monsters of varying levels. Generally the further east you are the lower the level. To the north is of the zone is the entrance to the major city Greenmont.

Arcadian Forest Areas

Fallen Leaf

Starting town for the Order. This is the quest hub until about level 5. Read more here.


First large quest hub for Order players. This town is also where you get the quest that leads to crafting skills. Most people will spend levels 4 – 8 here. Read more about Silence.


Is the largest city in the came thus far and hosts a number of interesting places that can be found on the Greenmont page. The most notable being the Auction House.


In the west of Arcadian Forest you can find Waterby region. Read more about Waterby.

Dilapidated Stronghold

Far away, in the Arcadian Forest most eastern region you can find the Dilapidated Stronghold area. Read more about Dilapidated Stronghold.

Windmill Farm

In the most western region of the Arcadian Forest, you can find Windmill Farm. Read more about Windmill Farm.

Mesa Camp

In the north of Silence you can find Mesa Camp. If you want to know more facts about it, read here.

Castle Woodhill

In the Arcadian Forest you can also find Castle Woodhill. Look for it in the area south of Silence. For more info click here.


From Cliffwatch players can be teleported to almost everywhere they want in the Silence, Swamp of Wyrms or Tear Coast area. Check more info here.