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Arcadian Forest

(Levels 1-12)

The Arcadian Forest is the region players begin the game. It’s a large area of 9 towns, castles and camps. In between the towns you can find monsters of varying levels. Generally the further east you are the lower the level. To the north is of the zone is the entrance to the major city Greenmont.


Fallen Leaf – Starting town for the Order. This is the quest hub until about level 5. There is a teleporter that brings you to Roar Military School in the Tanned Land, which is the equivalent Chaos starting area. This lets players level up in the other factions starting zone quickly. This is especially good if you are leveling a second character.

Silence – First large quest hub for Order players. This town is also where you get the quest that leads to crafting skills. Most people will spend levels 4 – 8 here.

Greenmont – Is the largest city in the came thus far and hosts a number of interesting places that can be found on the Greenmont page. The most notable being the Auction House

Tear Coast (Levels 12 – 20)

More info on Tear Coast Page

Tear Coast is a region east of the Arcadian Forest. It is home to 8 areas and can be accessed by teleportation or walking east through Windmill Farm. Traveling there before level 10 is ill advised.

Tanned Land

(Levels 1-12)

The Tanned Land is the starting zone for the Chaos faction. Much the same as the Arcadian Forest zone is for the Order.

Swamp of Wyrms

Swamp of Wyrms is the region north of Tear Coast. It is generally the third zone that players will visit from the levels of 20 – 30. It is accessible from Teleport Master from Bellshoul to Old Oak Mine to Bordhill. Swamp of Wyrms is notable as being the first place to feature zone wide PVP. Find out more on the Swamp of Wyrms Page.

The Whispering Islands

The Great Desert

Sinskaald Rift

The Edge Lands

The Edge Lands are an unofficial zone the can only be reached by climbing over the edge of the official game area. This is much like the early days of World of Warcraft where people could gain access to areas outside of where the developers intended. Currently it is mostly jusst for exploration, but can be used as a means of fast travel because the ground is so flat. More information to come soon.