Knahswahs Prison

Knahswahs Prison


Knahswahs Prison is located in the Tear Coast region. It is the second Dungeon in Order & Chaos Online and you’ll have to fight your way through various corridors and rooms to reach the final boss – Cosmo. Users strategic skills might be needed to overcome this one.

It have both, Normal and Legend modes.

Knahswahs Prison is harder to complete than Relic’s Key. When you start, you will need to fight against orcs and humans elves. Your team must attack the same one because they lose agro quite easy. First kill the zombies/skeletons because they have a really strong poison spell that can kill very fast.

Knahswahs Executioner is the first boss. If you want to beat him, it is a good idea to stay a bit back. In the battle he will spin around in a circle with his spell, and anyone caught near it will experience a serious damage.

Ariel is the second boss and you will reach him through the water prison into the death chamber. He has a spell that stuns for a few seconds. If you can control the agro on him Ariel isn’t that hard. He will start shaking, when he gets to like 2% health. Then do your best and do some serious damage to him and try to kill him before he explodes.When players kill Ariel, he  will say “You hear a far away door open“.

The last and the hardest boss is Cosmo. At full health he will appear as a mage, and after he takes some damage Cosmo will transform into a demon. You must be very careful, on every 30 seconds he will summon an undead. Run away from his fireballs. When the undead spawns attack him with everything you have or else he will take life from it and heal back to full health. He will transform back into a mage, once when he is almost dead.

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