order and chaos locations


Order & Chaos online takes place in the fantasy world of Haradon. The world is broken up into 7 regions. Every region has its locations. As a player progresses through levels they will make their way questing through these regions.

For more information about the specific regions and the places within them visit the Regions Section


Dungeons are instanced zones where Order & Chaos players team up to battle there way past elite monsters and bosses for much better rewards than can be found in the main single player game world.

For information, loot drops, boss guides, and tricks visit the dungeon page.


Areas are smaller sections of the main regions that contain quest hubs, vendors, towns, or notable monster areas. Most of the time you will have multiple quests at one time that send you to one of these sections. For more information visit the region specific page for area information


Cities are locations within Regions that contain multiple vendors, mailboxes, quest hubs, and storage bins. You can find more information on the region specific page where the town or city is located with the exception of Greenmont, which acts as its own Region.