Consumable items are all those that get used up when activated. This includes things like Food, Potions, Temporary Stat Booster, Etc.

Food – Consumables

Food is used Out of Combat and restores Health and Mana Over time while sitting down. This is often used in between fights or in downtime while waiting for respawns. It is always a good idea to have a stack of 20 of the most current food you can consume on your character at all times.

FoodRequired LevelRestores HPRestores MPCost (silver)
Dinner Bread11802401.6
Pilot Bread11503000.15
Metamorphic Ribs11503000.15
Pan Bread54507802.0
Roast Beef54507802.0
Marsh Mushrooms1594014207.5
Roasted Spider Leg1594014207.5
Desert Tasajo251315202017.5
Roasted Lizards251315202017.5
Cheese Bread351950279035.0
Fresh Rockfish351950279035.0
Homemade Pies452580352050.0
Sweet Ribs452580352050.0
Cinnamon Buns452580352050.0

Potions – Consumables

Potions, unlike food, work instantly AND can be used in combat. Depending on the type they will either restore health or mana. These always come in very handy no matter what class (warrior don’t have mana so do not carry mana pots) and it is suggested to never leave the house with at least 20 on hand.

PotionRestores HPRestores MPCost (silver)Required Level
Minor Healing Potion140 - 180-7.51
Minor Mana Potion-280 - 36010.01
Lesser Healing Potion252 - 324-12.53
Lesser Mana Potion-504 - 64817.53
Healing Potion476 - 612-25.012
Mana Potion-773 - 99433.012
Greater Healing Potion682 - 877-40.021
Greater Mana Potion-1050 - 135040.021
Superior Healing Potion980 - 1260-50.035
Superior Mana Potion-1350 - 210050.035
Major Healing Potion1310 - 2100-75.045
Major Mana Potion-1620 - 270075.0