Magic Items

Acolyte Staff

Rumor has it that the soul of an ancient mage is imprisoned in the glass ball atop this staff.
+18 Magical Attack.
Price: 500 gold

Squire’s Energy

Squire’s Energy provide the extra boost a squire needs to fulfill their many duties.
+100 HP / +150 Mana.
Price: 500 gold

Squire’s Wisdom

Amateur magic is better than no magic.
+14 Magical Attack / +100 HP.
Price: 500 gold

Ruby Ring

Given as a gift by an ancient mage to his one true love before he died in battle, this gem retains his essence.
+40 Magical Attack.
Price: 1100 gold

Enchanter’s Ring

Discovered in an archeological sight near the Sinskaald rift, this ring possesses powers above and beyond its beauty.
+84 Magical Attack.
Price: 2200 gold

Soothing Stone

A rare stone found beneath the sands of the Great Desert and carved by elves to enhance its natural powers.
+180 MP.
Price: 450 gold

Staff of Exaltation

A staff blessed by the last surviving mage of an Elvish outpost razed by Orcs at the turn of the last era.
+400 MP
Price: 900 gold

itemsRegeneration Crystal

Mined from a long forgotten tunnel of the Old Oak Mines, this crystal is highly sought after by mages of all races.
+0.5 MP Regeneration
Price: 100 gold

Bolstering Ring

Crafted by a powerful enchanter for the love of his life, this ring was thought to be long lost before recently reappearing.
+2 MP Regeneration.
Price: 400 gold

itemsNecromancer’s Passion

Though powerful, it is rumored that this weapon bears a dark curse. It certainly goes through owners fast.
+27 Magical Attack / +1 MP Regeneration.
Price: 950 gold

Rogan’s Conviction

An orb crafted by an imprisoned mage during his brutal incarceration.
+150 HP / +48 Magical Attack / +5% Leech MP.
Price: 1990 gold

Staff of Vigor

Thanks to a curse by an Undead Mage, this staff pulls life toward it like a magnet.
+22 Magical Attack / +250 HP / Passive: Penetrates 15% of enemy’s Magical Defense
Price: 1300 gold

Brawler’s Lament

Built by Undead Rangers and hardened by the Red Dragon flames, this weapon is one to be reckoned with.
+40 Magical Attack / +210 MP

Price:Gold: 1640

Star of Hannah

Long ago by marauding Undead Rangers a young girl named Hannah was killed, but instead of going to the afterlife, her soul was placed in this star.
+180 MP+1.5 MP Regeneration
Price: 750 gold

Cloud Walkers Helm

Rumor has it that there are beings who live in the clouds, but they have never been seen. Their armor can be found…but, for a gold.
+250HP / +320 MP.
Price: 1550 gold

Titan Ring

An ancient ring rumored to have been pulled from the finger of an old world god.
+4 HP Regeneration+2 MP Regeneration.
Price: 1000 gold

Ring of Awakening

A magic gem pulled from the depths of the Sindskaald Rift and set in gold imported from the Tanned Land.
+180 MP / +2.5 MP Regeneration / -15% skill CD(does not stack with other CD items)
Price: 1400 gold

Oversoul Staff

Oversoul Staff is created by an Undead Mage to gather the souls of the living.
Physical Attack +36 / +2 MP Regeneration.
Price: 1550 gold

The Unblinking Gaze

An ancient artifact from a temple dedicated to Shon – Deity of Death.
Physical Defense +20 / +320 MP.
Price: 1300 gold

Leviathan’s Cloak

Fashioned from the skin of the last Leviathan seen near the vicinity of Salty Wind.
+25 Magical Attack / +4 HP Regeneration / Passive(Unique): Pierce through enemy’s Magical Defense (20).
Price: 1300 gold

Tower Scepter

Created by the Sorceror of Waker Camp for protection, the arrogance it brought him proved to be his undoing.
+44 Magical Attack / +15 Magic Defense.
Price: 1600 gold

Storm Cloak

When you see the lightning coming from this cloak, it’s already too late to flee.
+48 Magical Attack / +230 MP / +2.5 MP Regeneration / Active(Unique): Inflict 100 + (20% of target’s current HP) magic damage to a single enemy. Increaes by 4% for every 100 Magical Attack points
Price: 3360 gold

Boneflame Wand

An ancient wand wielded by a long line of Undead Mages before it was stolen from them.
+84 Magical Attack / +180 MP / +5 MP Regeneration / -25% skill CD(does not stack with other -CD items) / Passive(Unique): Increase the hero’s Magical Attack by 3% of maximum MP.
Price: 4800 gold

Staff of Rectitude

Forged by an Elvish Mage with gems recovered from the bottom of the sea, this staff will last eternally.
+200HP / +210 MP / +88 Magical Attack / +15% Leach MP.
Price: 4150 gold

Smoke Diadem

A sacred artifact to a rogue tribe of undead soldiers, the stone at the heart of this relic is shrouded in mystery.
+250HP / +320 MP / +20 Magic Defense / Passive(Unique): Resist magic damage once every 60 seconds.
Price: 3000 gold

Valkyrian Robes

These robes may look simple, but the power they possess is far beyond any normal cloth.
+200HP / +400 MP / +75 Magic Defense / Active: Shield all allies within 8 meters. Absorbs 300 Magic Damage, lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown time: 1.5 minutes.
Price: 3600 gold

Monk’s Wisdom

A scepter blessed by mountain monks who’ve dedicated their life to the pursuit of magic.
+45 Magical Attack / +4 HP Regeneration / +4 MP Regeneration / Passive: +2 HP Regeneration Aura
Price: 2880 gold

Zealot’s Horn

A horn with a range so wide that its tones can lift souls or tear down city walls, depending on how it’s played.
+500HP / +320 MP / +50 Physical Defense / Passive: Increase Attack Speed of all allies within 8 meters by 20%.
Price: 3700 gold

Saithion Lollipop

It may look like candy, but it possesses powers most severe.
+60 Magical Attack+250 HP+6 HP RegenerationPassive: +10% Movement Speed
Price: 3340 gold

Fername’s Blade

Long ago, after the world was first born, the seven regions were united under one warlord. This was his blade.
+600 MP / +125% MP Regeneration / -10% skill CD (can not stack with other -CD items) / Passive: Spells cast will slow down target’s movement speed by 40% (20% for AOE spells) for 2 seconds.
Price: 3200 gold

Essence of Labaulan

A mysterious stone infused with great power by Labaulan pioneers long ago.
+250 HP / +270 MP / Physical Attack +22 / Magical Attack + 40 / Active(Unique): Conjure a poisonous nova causing 45 + magic damage per second and reducing enemy’s movement speed by 20%. Duration: 4 seconds / Radius: 6 meters / CDT: 50 seconds
Price: 3360 gold

Searing Orb

A fiery orb recovered by undead rangers deep within the sands of the Great Desert.
+96 Magical Attack / +300 HP / +270 MP / Passive: Burn through 30% of enemy’s Magic Defense.
Price: 4390 gold

Firewalker Boots

Increase hero’s move speed, Magical Attack +24 and +100 MP
Price: 1500 gold

Boots of the Bard

Increase hero’s move speed, Magic Defense +30 and +1 MP Regeneration
Price: 1500 gold