90 Boots
Haste Boots
A light weight boots, very good for quickly heading into battle or getting away. Boots does not stack with other boots and slightly increase hero’s move speed.
Price: 500 gold
93 Boots
Firewalker Boots
When you must to walk on lava this are the perfect boots. They increase hero’s move speed and does’t stack with other boots. It increase Magical Attack +24 and MP +100.
Price: 1500 gold
92 Boots Savage Boots Savage Boots increase hero’s move speed. This boots does’t stack with other boots. Also they increase Attack Speed +20% and Harvest HP + 5%.
Price: 1500 gold
96 BootsTempest Boots Tempest Boots are made of Orc leather and permeated with some magical powers. Greatly increase hero’s move speed, and like other does’t stack with other boots.
Price: 1500 gold
95 BootsBard Boots A very good crafted boot suited for the life of a swordsman or wandering musician. Bard Boots increase hero’s move speed and does’t stack with others shoes. Increase Regeneration +1 MP and Magic Defense +30.
Price: 1500 gold
94 BootsChain Boots Made of iron by craftsmans based in a small village on the outskirts of the Arcadian Forest. Chain Boots increase hero’s move speed. Increase HP +150. Passive: Decrease all snare effects by 30%. Also they does’t stack with other shoes.
Price: 1500 gold