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Supporter Heroes of Order & Chaos

Supporter Heroes of Order & Chaos


List of all Supporter Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

  • SIA TIDESINGER – Priestess of the Tides
  • KIRASATHDemon Lord
  • EREFERNBattle Mage
  • AGDIROUSISand Walker


They remove Debuff effects and Buff teammate abilities. In Heroes of Order & Chaos Supports offer very important protective role.

  • Maddude101

    A few are useful but i definately suck at support roles

  • xiaoxiao

    who cares whether u suck pls post constructive comment dammit

    • Maddude101

      Ok then, from personal experience Sia Tideslinger and Kirasath are the most effective at, well to be honest, not being support. Sia focusing on attack speed magical damage and leech is a force to be reckoned with, Kirasath completely focusing on Magical damage and at later levels leech can defend from and take down even the strongest of other characters if played right. They are fairly effective at soloing their own lanes but may require help if a couple of other heroes try to take your lane. Other support characters I have very little experience so I’m not going to say anything about them. Also your comment was not constructive at all. 😉

    • Maddude101

      Also if you were being constructive, you would have noted that the sand walker is not a support character. He is a fighter.

  • Lmaoo

    xiaoxiao you must be one sad, angry nerd.

  • Pepe

    I use khlint. And i am good with it. First go hunt spiders with the fire shoot skill, and get the multi healing skill fast enough to go heal your mates. This gives u the chance of killing them at the beginning. And as everybody knows the advantage at the beginning could make you win.

    Later getting magigal damage and speed attack make him really annoyin against your enemies

  • Guest

    is erefern? is she good or does she really suck?

  • hans von beukenhof

    how is erefern? is she good or does she really suck?

    • Saros7

      It’s a she?

  • HuntahPauEat

    Who the hell writes these damn pages, they’re all wrong! Since when did Erefern become a battle mage!

  • Erefren need to change the whole concept about him. Lv 6 spell he got should been shorter lv to be obtain instead. All his spell is only base on the def and no body use him. I feel sorry for this loser to be a walking target. And give him a better lv 6 spell. My example is give the spell like the assailant guy that jump in the air make a quake aoe damage, that will be a ideal my erefren should be. And he not battle mage lol

    • proud erefern player

      Erefern is one of the strongste tanks. He can take out anny hero easy. you just need the build. get defence build and dont use a fighetr build on a tank it wont help. i play erefern altime and people say how the hell are you so strong. i tell its just the build.

      • Saros7

        Item list please? Would of been great if you had that as you said is…

  • andrew

    i might use sand walker his stab can slow the enemy and can make a easy kill

  • eichelbart

    Bitte clan reseten bei heros order and chaos.d city ist der name.komme njcht raus und kann nichts machen.danke