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Mage Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos Mages


List of all Mage Heroes in  Heroes of Order & Chaos:


  • VIGELOS – Arcane Warrior
  • GOROSHIA – Harbinger of Doom
  • GUERVUS – Molten Lord
  • ARCHIMTIROS – Doom Prophet
  • THE MYSTIC – Phase Master
  • ANUIRHarpie Slayer
  • MIGROVE – Elemental Lord


They hit enemies with large amounts of Magical Demage. Mage in Heroes of Order & Chaos focus on damage and crowd control skills.

  • baghnakh

    Goroshia FTW.

  • goroshiasucks

    vigelos FTW

  • Slush

    Migrove and Vigelos are my personal best

  • Syrquet

    Archimtiros is best he is my personal best

  • cual es el mejor
    par mi es vigelos

  • Juris Jd Dwayne

    me vigelos and mystic

  • Taylor Robson

    What’s a good item setup on vigelos?

  • will

    Goroshia and Vigelos ar DA BEST

  • hi hi

    VIGELOS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!