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Guardian Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos Guardians


List of all Guardian Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos:


 Guardians take the most damage, protect teammates, and they focus on defensive skills.


  • Maddude101

    I suck at gaurdians

  • baghnakh

    If you scale them at the beginning with DPS items and as the battle and the levels grows you can replace some of those items with strong defensive items and you will have a nice guardian with decent dmg.

  • BlazeHN

    Wtf, this page sux. GAMELOFT, check the LoL, HoN, Dota2, etc websites and give us a propper stand alone site for HoC, not a sub section on the OC site… >_>

  • xJustSomeGuy

    There’s an error, Anioah is actually in the “support” category in-game. I think shes also pretty good.

  • polyphemeous really need to update 3D modal. he look to plain. Balondis is not matching the 2D skin colour as well. Fix them please

  • thedarkangel071

    anioah is a pretty actually shes support not a guardian. i just played using her and she was amazing NICE JOB ON ANIOAH

  • louise

    anioah is not a guardian i know anioah is support

  • chaos

    Guys Anioah should be a Guardin…her skills are defensive and she is so tanky