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Fighter Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos Fighters


List of all Fighter Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos:


  • SAVAER OF AKHANNomad Assassin
  • KAGAXReborn Tyrant
  • IHAELRINADark Elf Exile
  • LEBMONTDemon Hunter
  • DEBRONEInquisitor
  • KUIRRASChameleon
  • LUT’HIRANPaladin Grandmaster
  • MACHRYGambler


They focus on offensive skills. And Fighter Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos deal powerful physical damage to enemies.

  • bureak

    IHAELRYNA is too strong.I want you to weaken her.

    • Maddude101

      Agreed, not weaken but reduce attack speed or hp, rather than her being overpowered

    • Havard Kleven

      It’s just redicoules… She is no stronger than any of the other champions you have to choose from. She has the same items avilable for purchase as the other heroes, right? In other terms, every hero can get just as strong. And if you thought of her skills? Well, it’s perfectly balanced! Every single hero in this MOBA game have something to counter the other heroes pros. Just look at the chamelion, who has that shadow leap to close the gap between him and a ranged hero. Ihaelryna has low health and armour, but higher damage and attack speed. Other heroes would got higher health and higher armour (base), so it’s really nothing to complain about. If you think that Ihaelryna is too strong, then you’re not playing the game right. If you’re pro with a hero, it doesn’t matter what hero the oppsiong team has chosen. Just perfectionize your gameplay, and purchase the right items at the right time. Thanks.

    • dj

      make bonebreaker stronger….ha cant fight against others very well… maybe increase base damage or hp

  • baghnakh

    Ranged fighters (Ihaelryna and Lebmont) should have quite lower power scalation since theyre ranged and that is a obvius advantage against melee heroes so their stats should scale maybe at 75% or 50% rate against melees.

    • Arcanexslayer

      The Chameleon can stun and jump to you from a distance, closing the gap, so he would always have the advantage against every ranged champion. The lizard has a charge that allows him to close the gap, giving him the advantage too. Almost every melee champ has either a gap closer, stun, or a way to tank the damage. Every MOBA works this way. One thing counters another, all ranged carries like Ihaelyrna and Lebmont have weak armor and low health, as all ranged carries should. This is in place in order to keep the gameplay fair. The carries have the range, the melee has the extra armor or health, and if not (or in addition), a gap closer.

  • Arcanexslayer

    Her health, damage, attack speed, and other base stats are fine. What truly needs the nerf is her ultimate. Invisible for 20 seconds? On a 60 second cd? Now that’s ridiculous. She is a attack damage carry, do you expect her not to hurt? “Oh, she needs a nerf!” You can say that for any ad carry. Just because they do a lot of damage doesn’t mean they need a nerf. Because a tank can take all the hits and never die, should they be nerfed?

  • Lucvfer14

    I love Debronee a.k.a Inquisitor

  • True

    Everyone knows she needs a nerf. She’s literally in every PvP game you enter. Her range, mixed with stuns, damage, speed buffs, and her hilarious ultimate just make her not only incredibly easy to use, but almost impossible to pin down. Gap closers don’t work because she can just stun and run if things get tough. Or simply just run, since she has a movement speed passive to outrun 90% of heroes. And that’s all assuming she’s at the same level as you. As a ranged hero, her gold/exp farming is SUPER easy mode, so chances are, she’ll be a higher level than you most of the game anyways.

  • tofo0o

    Debronee kill ranged heroes sooo easily… with 1 skill 6 consequitive hits 100% per hit does the trick… gap closer and instant kill.. if that doesnt kill em off, blink and dead archer/gunner

    • haidsz

      Actually, Debronee is all about anticipation. If you can think like the player using him, you can easily combat him.

  • This site needs updating

    Longhorn is not a fighter

    • Potato

      He is a support but he fights more like a fighter its wierd…

      • suck me noobs

        supports with his passive…not to mention he has low base damage compared to fighters…his last skil is definitely for support since he can use it on an ally…just think reviving 12b after the enemy spent probably all their skills just to kill him..thats gonna be badassh

  • Aziz

    how can I download this game?

    • Fuuin

      You can install it via app store; And it’s free.

  • luthirangamer

    luthiran is a guardian

    !!!!!!!!!!need help with it

  • luthirangamer

    luthiran is a guardian !cant believe it

  • lisaorhelke

    i like the most ihaelrina or lebmont

  • krayzefaded

    Bow chick is fine the way she is. If u r good u can play any character n do good. My favorites chameleon, kagax, n the reptile though I’m not that good with the reptile

  • Vladimir

    Only Kuirras! Only hardcore! 😀

    • au revoir bitchesd

      well kuirras is kinda cool…but cant win against tanks though since he has limited time in ulti and tanks can take lots of hits…just buy farseeing and use stuns and slows….best hero to fight him is probaby debronee(since he appers out of nowhere thus giving the element of surprise) and rock fist(with hermit cape and max slow stun and thick fur)…probably need to increase hp of kagax…still tooo soft

      • Shadow

        Kuirras is good against tanks since his ultimate is an advantage.I once killed 12B in 7 sec.

  • Vladimir

    You say that their ARINA LEBMONT and coolest. Kuirras include Ultimate and just he reaches them. No problem. after they want to get away from it – and finish off the jump.

  • Vladimir

    You say that their Ihaelrina and Lebmont coolest. Kuirras include Ultimate and just he reaches them. No problem. after they want to get away from it – Kuirras jump to then and kill him.

  • Aviadtz1995

    Savaer rocks, his slowing skills confuse ANYBODY into running away and that does the trick every time.

  • ray

    Debronee is mad awesome but the blink 6 meters is a little cheap cause when an archer fires or gunner tries to get a way he can just blink and then 4 hit combo! but hes still good

    • will

      Debornee is the best not doubt

      • iamepicsokneeldownbeforeme

        no…bitches…debronee cant touch king reega…he dies before killing him since reegas ulti danage everything around him….so if you use intensify u gonna die

  • zero8500

    paladin is not a fighter it is a gurdian

  • sarpKk

    I think ihaelryna is too poweful too she is
    Cheap but can defeat nearly everyone. It is not fair

    • iamepicsokneeldownbeforeme

      elf was created that way so it would be fair to the newbies….. since they have little experience and no other heroes…..duh….and dont think im a noob…just saying…. btw im lvl 36 so shtap….thank you!!! chameleon can go rampage if fed well lol…. h

  • Elpotatoloco

    theres is something wrong here Lut’hiran and Machry are not fighters maybe lut’hiran can be but its not gonna be balanced cause lut’hiran is a tank and same time a deadly carry

  • Death

    The game is perfectly balanced and well if you cant kill the squishy elf how do you kill 12-b with over 4k hp or any other guardian stacking armor?I kill the elf playing support it’s not hard damage slow and kill

    • Death

      Also when i play elf i absolutely refuse to lane against the paladin he always kills me

  • jjj


  • elf noob

    elf noob…. too soft… one hit with kirisath skill… her hp drops quick.or maybe tornado skill of goroshia….lol…everyone who thinks elf is overpowered is a noob…i mean just buy overseeing potion

    • amen

      lol so true

    • Rhami

      Yea but when I got her she was pretty good the

    • Rhami

      I think she’s awesome but the problem would be her invisible skill when you attck someone it goes away now that sucks, and yea, kirisath is awesome but for some reason I would rather choose the elf idk why

      • phasemaster67

        she’s to weak the ultimate makes her a character.

  • will

    Debornee is a good guy if u know how to use him….

  • preceja

    I love Kangax . if you know what items is good for him you always win . But he have slowly start. But I always win if I had Kangax

    • preceja

      I hate elf his ultimate skill is too strong

  • lololol

    its my first time to play , would someone tell me how to get these chars?

  • punkofchaos

    lol im lvl 32 and just dropped by to say that chameleon is the best! he has stun he has invisible he has attack speed and slow anemy movement i mean what a hero right so dont think that ihaelryna is too much because chameleon can kill her just by 7 hits shes so weak so low armor and health..

  • durick

    just so peeps know…
    chameleon, if u come across an enemy elf, stun her with ur horn ability and just attack her over and over again while shes dizzy

    elf, if u SEE an enemy chameleon on ur screen or ANYWHERE CLOSE TO U on the map, use ur invisibility power and RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! RUN TI THE JUNGLE AND FARM OR SOMETHING. THE CHAMELEON WILL KILL U.

    ive had past experience with elf. i happened to b on border skirmish and i was rushing into enemy lines with an ally. i came across an enemy chameleon and HE had an ally. he stunned me and him and his ally attacked me consecutively, and no matter how my ally tried to help, i was dead in seconds

  • stampy

    im play to

  • stampy

    he im lvl 40 heroes of order and chaos