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Heroes of Order & Chaos Guides

As for the previous game, we once again bring you a Guides for Heroes of Order & Chaos. Since the game is recently released, we will try to regularly update our list of guides, so that you can enjoy in this very interesting game. As the game grows we will be adding more and more guides for strategy, skills, maps, walkthrough, pvp, classes, leveling, etc.

  1. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Drawing focus

    Drawing the focus on yourself as a tank is a very delicate skill in games like Heroes of Order & Chaos. It is very much a thing of feeling, but there are certain things that need to be known about it if you want to do it well. The rest...
  2. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Starting items

    The way you start your item building can make or break your game. If you start badly, you will have difficulties down the road, and you may end up losing the game as well. That is why you need to properly build your items, from the first one, to the...
  3. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Things to think about

    In Heroes of Order & Chaos, you rarely play a game where everything goes smooth and you don’t really have to think about what you are doing. It does happen sometimes, but more than often, you will need to think. For anyone who is new to the game, and not...
  4. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Taunt

    On a final note, we are going to talk about a special form of Crowd Control in Heroes of Order & Chaos. One of the offensive, as well as defensively, most useful forms of CC, the taunt is a very powerful tool that every player should be familiar with. What...
  5. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Petrify

    As we have already written, crowd controls in Heroes of Order & Chaos, and similar games as well, are very important. We have already written about a few forms of Crowd Control, and we will do a few more just to explain it all to newbies in Heroes of Order...
  6. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Attributes

    We already know that item building is an extremely important concept, but for some players of Heroes of Order & Chaos, the attributes that are built by those items can be a little confusing. To clear up that confusion, we are going to talk a little about the different attributes...
  7. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Creep farming

    If you have been playing Heroes of Order & Chaos for some time now, you probably know just how important farming is in this game, and game similar to it. If you haven’t been playing for a while, you need to learn about it, and we are going to help...
  8. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Immobilization

    Crowd control is essential in Heroes of Order & Chaos if you want to win games. You simply can’t skip it, but a lot of people get confused by some forms of CC. In the end, certain kinds of CC do require a good amount of skill to be used...
  9. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Ways to win II

    Do you want to know about more ways in which you can win a game in Heroes of Order & Chaos? Well, we will show you some right now! 1. Jungling is important in the game, so stealing the enemy jungle whenever you have the chance is a good way...
  10. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Ways to win

    Heroes of Order & Chaos seems a pretty straightforward game for those who know what they are doing. They might take that for granted, but for the players that are not that familiar with the game. For those players, who might struggle a bit with knowing what the way to...
  11. Heroes of Order & Chaos – The Tank

    Yesterday, we have covered the Support in Heroes of Order & Chaos. Today, we will talk about the Tank! The Tank is a role that, like the Support, is very misunderstood. The role of the tank is a protective role. A lot of people play tanks as fighters, which can...
  12. Heroes of Order & Chaos – The Support

    Another big guide for Heroes of Order & Chaos is here! This one will be about player roles, in depth, and consisting of four posts, each discussing a different player role in detail. So let’s get started today, with the first role, the Support! The support is a very misunderstood...
  13. Heroes of Order & Chaos – The Ward

    As if this topic hasn’t been covered enough, and nobody even thinks about it. Well, some people do. When talking about wards, most people just tend to look the other way. For a mere price of 75 or 100 gold, you are giving yourself an advantage over the enemy, because...
  14. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Q&A part 3

    And here is the last part of the Q&A for Heroes of Order & Chaos. Enjoy! 1. Is it possible to invite a friend to your guild, and how do you do that? It is possible. But, you need to be an officer or a leader in the guild, and...
  15. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Q&A part 2

    Here is the second part of the Q&A for Heroes of Order & Chaos. Let us start right away! 1. Can you buy a bundle more than once? Usually, you cannot do that, but there are some special occasions and special bundles in the game that are available for purchase...


If you have any other extra useful guide for Heroes of Order & Chaos, you are welcome to share with us.

  • Mr.Eggs

    Could you guys release guides for Junglers?

  • chibimafia

    Y can’t I buy heroes in shop? I even have enough to buy a hero I wanted so bad… Is the shop broken or something? Plz fix the shop so I can buy the hero plz and Ty.

  • J3rbz.BakU™

    there’s still problems with their network and they’re trying to fix it fast.. they probably didn’t excpect so many players for the game it, could have a surprise for them…who knows?

  • Zanatar

    Is there a forum for Heroes of Order and Chaos? I found one for Order and Chaos (not the same game exactly).

  • SacorZ

    Can anyone Tell me why i dont get any rewards at the end of some Games?

    • Rusher240

      that are server errors / fails… i recognized that too! PLEASE FIY THAT!!! i “lost” about over 1000 emblems by now because of that! -.-

  • CoastwardPie5

    why wont it let me join any games when i try it custom ir says its full when theris only like 3 people in the game or it says that this server has timed out….

  • Zander

    So, much, koreans on the Asian server!

  • Atticus

    Potentially awesome game, but the server issues are just too terrible. Nothing works like it should (friends list, guild stuff, store, gaining emblems, joining games, etc). If they don’t do something about the server issues soon, this game is gonna be complete trash and no one will be playing it. I’ve already started telling all my friends it’s not even worth downloading it.

    • chyox

      Once it works it’s really cool – but yeah, all the waiting and nonfunctions are disturbing.

      • Mlemort

        Up on those

  • Whomped

    I keep getting deserter status for no reason…

    • adam


    • evony breslin

      same. and it has gone in 2 days. but dont believe it actually has affected me tho

  • Whomped

    I love the game, except the issue with servers, friends list, and not being able to play with 2 people in a ranked match. Why is that? It makes no sense that one isn’t slowed to que up with one other person

  • SacorZ

    Got another question. I just played a match solo, trying out the new heroes. I tried mage first, got all talent points in mage. Got like 300 emblems or 400 whatever… Then i tried warrior had still points in mage, only got 100 emblems. Is there any relation? Does anyone know how the reward system works?

  • Hayato

    good basics but still need much improvment to be playable. Servers are just annoying at the moment, lasthitting mobs is kinda impossible and the GUI also needs more work… minimap is to small, shopping is a pain in the ass. But keep the work up and it will be a real good game in the future

  • I have only ever been able to play 1 game online. Any other time I try to connect I constantly get “Internal Server Error”. There is no support forums for this game. There is not even an official forum for this game. I love that I can play a MOBA on my iPad but I hate that I can only play against the AI and with reduced rewards with the last update it has become pointless.

    If you want this game to be a success you need to open channels for bugs and constantly communicate with your followers what is being done about the issues. Not to mention regular game updates to fix said issues.

  • Archmage88

    Will there be new heroes coming soon ?

  • Adam

    can you please make a Reborn Tyrant guide please!, so far i just buy 2 bear claws at start of game and then facebreaker and upgrade the 2 claws, then claymore. some games it works amazingly well others it sucks please make a guide! thanks 🙂

  • Why aren’t i getting emblems when i win a solo, custom, or co-op game? please help its a fun game but I’m still stuck at 1000 emblems!

  • amp

    earning emblems in the game is to hard and once u are at a low lv in the match u cant kill anything and furthermore get rid of the damn deserter de-buff cause the real world can interfere and make it so u cant play sadly and make it so the skins have new abilities either than that it fine

  • Zaine

    There are some balance issues with some heroes. I’ve noticed that some hero abilities with fantastic utility have disproportionately low cooldowns, or the ability lasts too long. It makes the hero way too good in teamfights, or too good at holding/chasing an enemy they catch out. For example, Chameleon’s knockup ability (which, by the way, TELEPORTS him instead of “making him invisible and rushing the enemy” which is completely unfair) or Phase Master’s wall.

    There are also a few hidden ability effects that make no sense. Dark Elf’s invisibility CANCELS anything thrown at her while it happens. I watched someone shoot her with an ability while she was stealthing at almost no HP and the ability freaking made contact but didn’t hit her and kill her, or even stun her like it was supposed to. Stuff like this, and Chameleon’s mystery teleport sounds like lazy programming.
    Of course I’ll happily abuse the heck out of these while they last, but it makes one feel cheated when abilities do something they logically shouldn’t be able to do and cost you the fight.

  • tom

    I forgot my account and password. can I find it or do I have to start a new account?

  • Maksimus247d

    Hi, can you make you a new map similar to the map in League of Legends? It will make the game more fun as it will be harder to snowball. Also reduce the amount of money you get for minion kills and hero kills. Inventing the map will make it similar to LoL and people will play smarter and use the right strategy. You should also make the jungle monsters harder to kill, this will give an extra area or way for one member of the team to farm and increase the money you get for a jungle kill. People will actually start jungling and ganking properly. Also make a new skill that can only be used on monsters. It will help clear tougher camps like red/blue buff. This will make it more challenging and fun. Give the new skill a short cooldown. Thank you for reading this.

  • Nadja Schnabel

    My heroes of order and chaos threw me out now several times like completely closed the game… Wtf?? Can I the still reconnect to the game I was playing or not?? And if then how do. Do that????? I play on my iPad …….

  • Umar Rahim

    I think The best Hero to use is darkelf exile:
    Dstroying tower Use last skill and use normal attack
    Pvp Use first skill It will stun your enemy then keep hitting him and finish with second skill
    Creep use second skill

    Item : Night blade, Blackpool, Cresent Moon (2) Face breaker
    Upgrade All of them latter 🙂 and be a pro

  • lol234

    hello HOC online players i would like to recomend to bring back goldfur’s original second to skill. because i can barely see someone using goldfur. can u pls bring back goldfur’s original second skill… thnx