Vanity Pets

Vanity Pets are in game pets that follow you around as you go about your travels. Currently vanity pets only provide an aestetic benefit and provide no help to the player. It is interesting that they do have there own health bar and level so perhaps in the future this may change.

They can be bought for gold from a pet seller in Greenmont right by the Auction House. In exchange for runes (bought through in app purchase) you can purchase Vanity pets from Ubiquitous Nick who is located in various main towns are the world. Lastly you can acquire certain vanity pets off of monsters (for example, all wolves have a slight chance of dropping a ‘Young Wolf’)

Lilivia’s pet shop in Greenmont

Gold Bought Pets (Lilivia’s)

Pet Gold Price
Young Wolf 2
Boar Piglet 5
Small Squirrel 7
Small Watermel 7
Wild Squirrel 8
Little Tortoise 8
Small Redfrog 9
Little Degradti 12
Resolute Bear 15


Rune Stone Purchased Pets(Ubiquitous Nick)

Pets can also be purchased with runes. Players can buy it in various towns like a Bellshoal (Tear Coast), or from Ubiquitous Nick (Greenmont).

Ubiquitous Nick - Purchase Pets

Pet Rune Price
Small Swamp Drops 10
Small Hypertoxic Drops 10
Small Blood Drops 10
Small Holy Drop 10
Young Snow Wolf 15
Panda Cub 15
Mr. Bones 25

Pet Drops

Throughout the game from some monsters you can pick up a pet. These pets are quite rare and hard to get, so players should kill hundreds in order to get this one.

The Pet is tied when used, so if player want, he can give them to other characters, or sell/buy at Auction House.

Swamp of Wyrms

  • Cold Stream Fishfolk Fledgling and Swamp Fishfolk Fledgling – Dropped by Swamp Fishfolk at the beach around Wyrgast’s Library
  • Little Ice Tortoise – Dropped by Swamp Rock Tortoise
  • Mini Nightmare Demon – Dropped by Blood Gargoyle in The Eye Of The Swamp
  • Baby Red Dragon- Dropped by Little Red Dragon

Arcadian Forest

  • Dark Bear Cub – dropped by Small Black Bear located east of Windmill Farm

Tear Coast

  • Little Moonlight Lizard – dropped by Forest Varanus (level 12), located around the crossroad
  • Mini Nightmare Demon – dropped by Foul Shadowbringer (level 17), located around Salty Wind
  • Young Lobo – dropped by
    • Forest Wolf, located east of Bellshoal
    • Mutant Dog (level 13), located in Bellshoal
    • Mountain Wolf (level 18)
    • Crystalskin Wolf (level 15), located near old oak mine

Sinskaald Rift

  • Swamp Fishfolk Fledgling – dropped by Saltyhead Wrestler (level 52), located far north on the beach
  • Mini Sand Demon – dropped by Umbra Shadowbringer (level 59), located at Umbra Rift
  • Pterosaur Hatchling and Orange Pterosaur Hatchling – dropped by Blackbeach Bloodsucker found at Black Beach, west of Bulrinto Outpost

The Great Desert

  • Little Moonlight Lizard and Little Snakeskin Lizard- dropped by Blood Fang Chameleon
  • Mini Nightmare Demon – dropped south of Sdukar

Stat booster pets

Since newer updates, some pets are no longer just for show, but can also provide you with certain stat boosts. Such pets are:

Unpredictable Magic Stan (Epic) – Located in the North-East of Exille’s village, this pet can provide you with a boost to your spell critical of 14 points.

Supremely Accurate Stan (Epic) – Located in North-East of Exille’s village, this pet can give you 14 more Hit Chance points.