Due to the massive size of the Order & Chaos world, foot transportation can be extremely difficult and tedious. Instead of going with flying mounts like in WoW, Gameloft decided to use a teleportation system.

Teleport Masters

Teleport Masters can teleport you anywhere you want, for a small service fee. They are usually located in towns and hotspots and are very useful for long distance travel. Just about every single friendly town has a teleport person. They usually are just a little bit out of the town area so sometimes you have to search a little bit.

Teleportation Runes

The easiest way (and also the most costly way) to get around the map is using Teleportation Runes. These runes can be purchased from the teleport merchant in Greenmont. But such ease comes with a large price-tag; many new players may find that the runes are too costly. It should be noted that these runes are one-use only. You can also buy runes for individual towns from certain provision merchants (with the bread icon). You must be in the town (silence and bellshoal for example) and can only buy the rune for returning to that town. They are usually located on the last page of their wares and goods.