PVP Zones

There are PvP zones in higher level areas of Order and Chaos online. Entering a PvP zone applies a flag on you that allows other players to attack you, and also you can attack them. And there is no level control within this zones. Once you leave a PVP zone you lose that flag after just a couple of minutes. You can find out the remaining time on your PvP flag by touching the status effect icon next to your character portrait on your device. If a player appears as red to you it means that they are currently able to be attacked. Players should take into consideration to teleport rune while they are in PVP zones, so if they get trapped in graveyards, that they can escape.


  • Arkan’s Field (Swamp of Wyrms) – at about level 22+
  • Vega Square (The Whispering Islands)
  • The Great Waterfall (Tear Coast) — enter this PvP Arena by heading north-west past two level 60 guards inSilent Castle. Alternatively, you can get there by crossing the bridge from Arcadian Forest to Tear Coast and immediately go North, through the mountains to the north-east lake of the Tear Coast (Mirror Wave Lake).
  • Scorched Plain (Sinskaald Rift)

Order Chaos Online PvP

PVP Arenas

The largest update (Update #7) that Gameloft has ever done has brought us Arenas, which was asked for many times. For now PvP arenas are in Greenmont, but they are allowed only for levels 55-60.


If they want, player can challenge other players to a duel by tapping their avatar icon and selecting the icon with two swords.


Some Tips

  • When players die, they do not lose any money ot items.
  • When players die, their items won’t be damage.
  • Player will be respawned at the nearest spawn-point when he die.
  • In PvP zone’s, players can be attacked anytime and anywhere by any player. Note, that it is also multicombat zone.
  • Players can view their successes in character window


You can see some PvP Arena Videos below:

Order & Chaos: Online – PvP Arena Map #1 Video

Order & Chaos: Online – PvP Arena Map #2 Video

Order & Chaos: Online – PvP Arena Map #3 Video