The guild system in Order & Chaos is fairly rudimentary at the moment. Currently they act as a large chat room and to have the name of that guild under your name as your travel around the game world. That being said it is a very useful way of having a large social network in the game to find partners to level with…or call to help you when you’ve been getting killed for hours by some jerk who thinks its fun to prey on low level characters just trying to level. Your guild list can be found on the second tab of the social section of your characters’ game menu.

Guild Features

  • Tag Below your name that can be turned off in the options menu.
  • A guild chat channel that acts just like the Global or Local channel, but if green and should be less annoying if you picked the right guild. This channel can be shut off like all the others by pressing and holding on the green guild channel icon for three seconds.
  • The guild member list is found under the social option in the second tab. Much like a pre populated friends list.
  • Guild Ranks can be assigned to players although currently there is no use for this system beyond the social bragging rights.

Starting a Guild

A guild may be started at guild master NPC’s at most of the major towns for 5 gold. Currently they maximum number of players in a guild is 240.

Joining a Guild in Order & Chaos Online

There are a few different ways to join a guild in O & C Online, but the trick is to find a guild that you really relate to and get along well with. Options for finding a guild are:

  • Look in the Global chat channel for players recruiting and whisper them.
  • If you have a good experience questing with a player or see guild members actually playing together you can politely whisper them and inquire on how to join.
  • Especially at low levels guilds looking for recruits may just blindly invite you…This method isnt reccomended as there is absolutely no proof of quality (more then likely it is a bad quality guild or they wouldnt need to go to such legnths to recruit)
  • There are a number of places online where guilds are recruiting, but the official forums are probably the most popular

Once you are in a guild you should try and answer questions people ask so that people feel like you are participating. Also if you see a fellow guild member in the real world questing you should offer to help or join him. The easiest way to know you are in the wrong guild is if you are finding guild chat annoying and find yourself blocking the guild channel often. This is a sure fire sign that maybe it is time to look elsewhere.