Auction House

Players use Auction Houses to sell items. They are located in the City of Greenmont and there is a single auctioneer on a balcony in Bellshoal in the Tear Coast. For higher level players there is one more auction house in Crimson Tower: Antoria in The Great Desert. When players put their items on auction, they become available for all players on the same server to buy.

The item for the merchant is an auctioneers gavel.

When players use the Auction House, there are many filters to make it easier for users who want to buy, to find item.

Players can set a “Buy It Now” which means that players can purchase items immediately or “Minimum Bid” for items on auction

Selling/Buying Auction House Guide

Greenmont: Three auctioneers will be in the marketplace near the teleportation merchant and pet merchant.
Bellshoal: One auctioneer will be up the stairs outside of the inn.


Auction HouseSelling

Window will come up when player click on the auctioneer. This is where auctioning takes place, and then you should click on the auction tab. You will set the price on the left and your inventory will be on the right side. Then you select which item you would like to auction and press auction. After that item will appear on the left side. Player then can set the fixed price and the bid price. The bid price must be lower than the fixed price. The bid price in auction is how much the minimum bid must be for some item. Player can place both, a fixed and a bid price, or you can just place one. Then player select how long he want the auction to last and click on the auction.



Window will come up when player click on the auctioneer. Player should click on the bid tab. Set your specifications into the box spaces and click search. If any item in auction match your requirements, results will come up quickly. When you find the item that interests you, than two buttons should appear. They should read along the lines of “Buy Now” and “Bid”. If you click “Buy Now”, you will buy item right away or if you click on the “Bid”, then you will pay that much money, unless somebody outbids you by the end of the auction.


Where to Pick Up Your Items and Money

If player successfully sold his item, then that auction has run out of time without any bids, or if you purchase an item, it will appear in your mailbox. Open the mailbox and click on the correct mail, and then click extract all. Players will only receive 95% of his payment automatically.