Below is the start of what will be a much more comprehensive and longer Frequently Asked Questions about Order & Chaos Online. To start with I really am just compiling many questions and answered that I have found scattered about the web.


Real World Cost

Is there a subscription fee?

No. There is still a fee for the game’s download, but you don’t have to pay for the time spent playing the game. (update 1.2.2)

Do I need an account with Gameloft?

Yes. You need a Gameloft LIVE! account for authentication to play Order & Chaos Online. The account itself is free and you’ll be able to use accounts created previously for other Gameloft games. If you do not have an account, the game will prompt you to make one once you first start it. You can also use the “Facebook Login” in the Game Menu. Be aware you can’t access a single account with both your Gameloft LIVE and Facebook logins.

Are there In App Purchases?

Yep. Of course there are….Money can be used for in game gold and runes. Gold is needed, but isn’t terribly hard to get without buying it and the runes provide minor perks that are mostly not game-changing items, including vanity pets. If you want to purchase Gold or Rune Stones in-game, you should tap the “Store” icon in the Character Selection screen.

Is an IAP necessary to access all content?

Currently, the initial purchase grant access to all content. Desktop MMORPGs, however, often charge players for eventual expansions. Gameloft has not published any plans regarding expansions.



On which devices does Order&Chaos Online run?

Compatible devices include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G & 4G and iPad 1 & 2, and New iPad. Seriously don’t try this thing on an Iphone 3G or an 8GB Ipod Touch…You will hate life.

Can I play Order & Chaos Online without an Internet Connection?

No, you can’t. Game is a fully online and it’s not available without an Internet Connection.

Do I need WiFi to play?

No! The update from May 31, 2012 to the iOS version enabled 3G play on these devices. On Android, you can play over the slower HSPDA or GPRS just fine. (update 1.1.1)

I getting an error code -43/-44/-46 when I try to buy runes? Why?

Because security precaution, we introduce a maximum money spending limit of $100 or 10 distinct transactions per day. You will no longer be able to purchase Runes, if you have already reached that limit for the current day. Also, a weekly limit has also been introduced. Players are now restricted to a maximum of 20 purchases per one month.

Error code -46 is connected with a maximum spending limit of $250 per month. Users will no longer be able to purchase Runes for the current month, if they have already reached that limit.

How can I mute a chat channel?

Touch the chat area. Touch the arrow at the top left corner of the expanded chat area to reveal buttons for the various chat channels you have access to. Touch and hold any of these buttons until they are crossed out to mute individual channels. This is unfortunately not permanent between restarts.

My friends are on Android but I play on an iOS device. Can we play Order and Chaos Online together?

No, you can’t. Order & Chaos game is not currently cross-platform. iOS and Android players use separate servers without any means of interacting between them.

How can I play on a specific server?

Each character has its own server. You choose the server at the end of character creation. You will be offered servers in your region, but there is a button that lets you switch to another region.

Can I play on an American server as a European?

Yes, see previous question.

My account was been banned? Why?

Players may find their account banned because some of the following reasons:

  • If you violated the TOS
  • If you used foul language
  • In any way hindered another player’s gaming experience.

Gameloft support always sent explanation for the reason and duration of the ban. We use the e-mail address associated with player account for it.

Can I transfer an existing character to a different server?

Yes. You can migrate characters above level 30 to a different server or World map area. There is a fee and it’s 30 Runes.

Order & Chaos Online F.A.Q.


How can I use more than three quickslots?

The hot-wheel in the bottom right corner can be rotated by touching and dragging it, revealing additional slots. Touching the arrow at the center right of the screen also reveals a box with additional quick slots.

What is a PvP area and is there any in game?

PvP areas are places where users can attack other players without any warning. So you should be careful there. And yes, there are PvP areas in game.

Is there a maximum character level in the Order and Chaos Online?

Yes, there is. Maximum character level is 70 on the iOS platform, and 60 on the Android.

What is a Mailbox?

Mailbox can be used to send and receive messages (items too), to and from other game players. Also you can receive and send items bought in the Auction House. Players can find the Mailbox in the center of a village or camp.

How can I trade with other players?

You need to touch a character’s portrait in game menu and then tap the “Trade” icon.

What are Elite Monsters?

Order and Chaos Online Elite Monsters are monsters that are more powerful than normal. Because that they will drop more valuable items. So, assemble your team and pick up that items. But beware, it will not be easy.

How can I assemble a team?

If you want to assemble a team, you should touch a character’s portrait in game menu and then tap the “Invite” icon. In Order & Chaos game team can have a maximum of 4 players.

How can I remove player from a team?

You need to touch a character’s portrait in game menu and then tap the “Remove” icon.

Can mine character die in game and if he can what will happen with him?

Yes, your character can die in game. You can pay to revive on place where he die, or he may revive at the nearest cemetery for free. Until level 10 that option is free, but after level 10 there’s a fee.

Can I report an abusive player?

You can and should report an abuse of any kind. Just tap on the character name and select the Report to GM option. If you want you can easily add this user to your Ignore list in order to prevent any further abuse from that user.

FAQ – Order & Chaos Online