Currently in Order & Chaos online there are three crafting skills (also known as jobs or professions). You can choose which of the three when you reach level 8. In order to gain the right to choose you must complete a materials collection quest, which can be done in the levels previous to 8. Unlike other similar MMO’s (world of warcraft), Order & Chaos online relies on a trade specific currency known as ‘crafting currency’. This currency replaces skill levels as the way to learn recipes.

How To Get a Profession

To earn the right to choose a profession, you need to complete a quest for the material trader in the village of Silence. The quest involves gathering 10 bronze minerals, 10 poor furs and 10 grenadine. Once you complete the quest, you will be able to choose from 3 different scrolls representing each profession. Once you choice, you will be instructed to deliver the letter to that professions trainer.

Business Currency

Business Currency is earned by making items. This currency is then used to purchase recipes as well as additions crafting ranks provided you meet the minumum skill requirement. You cannot upgrade your rank until the level of 14 and you do so in the town of Greenmont.

Profession Rank Minimum Level Cost Location
Primary 8 Quest Silence
Intermediate 14 550 Greenmont
Advanced 25 2300 Greenmont
Professional 35 10000 Greenmont
Master 45 44000 Greenmont

[call_to_action title=”You can now change your crafting profession at the same NPC you get the crafting quest from for a cost of 50 Gold!” ]


Tailoring involves using various cloth to make clothing. Cloth items can be worn by all classes, but is almost excusilvely worn by Mages and Monks, because that is all their frail little bodies can adorn. Check out the Tailoring page for more information


Leatherworking is one of the three crafting skills in Order & Chaos Online. Warriors could use it, but it is mostly a skill forrangers. If you want to be a leatherworker, you must to complete a quest for the material trader in the village of Silence. The quest involves gathering 10 poor furs, 10 grenadine and 10 bronze minerals. Check out the Leatherworking page for more information.


In Order & Chaos Online Blacksmithing is one of the three crafting professions. With it you can produce Armor or Weapons that will increase your characters Hit Points (HP) or Damage Points per Second (DPS).  A Blacksmith produces items excusilvely for Warriors like warrior weaponry and plate armor.

Latest Crafting Guides

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