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dccrw-home DCCRW supports the Women Serving with Sessions event and urges your presence! Note: Hope Supply Company's greatest need is SIZE 5 diapers. This organization partners with sixty DFW-area homeless shelters and distributes roughly 40,000 diapers each week.

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The American Conservative Establishment Is Collapsing. It’s time to stick a fork in the American conservative establishment. Within five years, their collective influence and power will be less than Kim Kardashian in terms of affecting culture and politics.

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Election | political science | Election: Election, the formal process of selecting a person for public office or of accepting or rejecting a political proposition by voting. It is important to distinguish between the form and the substance of elections. In some cases, electoral forms are present but the substance of an election is

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Rod Dreher | The American Conservative It is astonishing the extent to which supporters of Pope Francis maintain the fiction that he is working hard to cleanse the church of clerical sex abuse.

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Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards - The. AUSTIN, Tex. — After three days of turbulent meetings, the Texas Board of Education on Friday approved a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics.

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Younger, older generations divided in partisanship and. The generation gap in American politics is dividing two younger age groups, Millennials and Generation X, from the two older groups, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation. In 2016, as in recent years, Millennials and Gen Xers were the most Democratic generations. And both groups had relatively.

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Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian — A Conservative. A Conservative Lesbian. A meta-analysis of over 40 years of studies about who persists and who desists from childhood insistence on being the opposite sex by Dr. James Cantor, who is gay, shows conclusively that 80 to 96 percent of children who believe they are the opposite sex desist spontaneously from this belief in their teens. It also shows that most of these desisting teens are gay or.

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TOQ-AuthorF LNames-Subject-Vol 4 No 2 Kevin MacDonald is Professor of Psychology, California State University (Long Beach), and the author of A People That Shall Dwell Alone (1994), Separation and Its Discontents (1998), and The Culture of Critique (1998), all published by Praeger.

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Moscow Cozies Up to the Right | Bistro Bis, a swanky French joint on Capitol Hill, is a Washington institution that has hosted all sorts of political summits over the years. But the group that piled into the restaurant's Leaders.