Warriors Spells

  • Swift Strike – Attack your target instantly. Deals your main weapon damage plus an additional … damage (height depends on skill level)
  • Pounding Glow – Light up the ground and deal .. to .. damage to targets within 4 metres
  • Sonic Slash – Unlock-able through your talents > battle. Swing your weapon with amazing speed and launch a vacuum wave toward an enemy within 15 metres. Deals 50% weapon damage and .. additional energy damage to the target.
  • Courage – Restore your HP by .. every sec. for 5 sec.
  • Charge – Rush to an enemy and knock him down. Deals 50 damage, will get higher when upgrade.
  • Offensive Shout – Command your allies to attack. Increases the attack power by X and your hit level by Y. The skill affects you and your allies within 10 meters, lasts 30 seconds. Then by very useful in groups as well as when going after mobs that are more than 2 or 3 levels higher.
  • Thunder Shout –
  • Vortex Blade – A Muli-Target damage dealing spell that is meant for dual wielding warriors, Two handed warriors need not apply.

Warrior Talent Calculator credit and calculator thanks to butt3rs

Warrior DPS Guide (Starter)

DPS (battle) :

Gear : chose strength / AP / crit / hit /agility gear (in this order)  ; get some +stamina only as last standing choice ; and yes +hit is also important, for Thrall’s sake don’t forget it !

Talents : as most players do their levelling alone, you have to ensure a bit of survivability but this doesn’t mean being excessive : improve “Courage”, and you’re done ; your other talents MUST be damage-dealing oriented (specific talents + their linked improvements)

Gameplay :

  • be careful in zones with multiple static targets, pull carefully
  • check for patrols
  • never forget you can often get closer to a target by taking a different path than the principal one
  • when about to fight tougher / more enemies at one time, check for “Courage” and potions to be available
  • take some time to regen : you’re nothing of a dreadnaught when playing your level 7 warrior

Warrior Guides

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