Ranger – Rangers specializes is doing heavy distance damage with bows, but can also specialize in a close quarters assassination role. If you are a fan of bows or back-stabs then this is the class for you.

Combat Type Ranged Bows and Stealthy Close Combat
Usable Armor Cloth and Leather
Best Trade Skill Leatherworking
Specs Archery or Assassination

Ranger Talent Calculator credit and calculator thanks to butters_2003

Ranger Guides

archer in game

This excellent table we find at this link. All thanks go to "OaCPlayer". Talent Rank Vigor Dist Cast CD Description Rapid Shot 11 30 25 0.5 3 Rapidly shoots your target with your ranged weapon and deals an additional...

Thank you Redfencer56 for this guide. Ranger with assassin spec is pretty decent soloing job at low levels. The first points I got I invested into...