Monk – The monk is a hybrid character in that it casts spells that are focused on healing and buffing, but does melee damage with his fists. Imagine a buddhist monk combined with a boxing ninja. The monk is somewhere between a Paladin from other MMO’s (*cough* Warcraft) and a Priest. If you feel good and love aiding your fellow players then this is the class for you.

Combat Type Ranged Direct Damage and Crowd Control
Usable Armor Cloth Only
Best Trade Skill Tailoring
Specs Divine and Military Monk


Unlike the other classes in Order and Chaos, the stats (attributes) you must choose depending on which spec you choose. The Divine tree is much more tailored to wisdom and spell power wheras the Military Monk tree is much more combat stat focused (agility and strength). The general wisdom is that both specs are viable, but that the Military Monk right is going to have you running out of mana (oom) all the time. This might be fine if you are willing constantly pop mana potions in exchange for dishing out more damage.

Monk Stats Defined

1 STA gives 10 HP

1 WIS gives 15 MP

1 STR gives 0.5 DMG to main hand

1 AGI gives 0.05% crit

1 armor gives around 0.06% to physical def

1 to crit or hit level gives 0.1% to crit or hit

Monk Talent Calculator credit and calculator thanks to butters_2003

Monk Guides

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