Just like in WoW, the Mage is a damage focused ranged based spell caster. Often dubbed the glass cannon. As a Mage you can choose between fire skills that are focused on doing direct mostly single target damage, and frost skills that include more crowd control. Just like in World of Warcraft, the Mage can only wear cloth and therefore Tailoring is the natural skill to take up. Basically if you love the Pew Pew (doing damage) and don’t mind being brittle (dying a lot) then this is a great class.


Mage Talent Guide – An excellent guide to both Mage talent specs.

Combat Type Ranged Direct Damage and Crowd Control
Usable Armor Cloth Only
Best Trade Skill Tailoring
Specs Fire and Frost


Mage Talent Calculator credit and calculator thanks to butters_2003

Mage Guides

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