How to Creat a Character in Order & Chaos Online

Gamelofts Order & Chaos Online is a popular game that attract lots of players. If you have not tried it yet, now you can follow this little walkthrough to get into this amazing fantasy world. Let’s begin from how to creat a game character in Order & Chaos Online.

Once you star the Order & Chaos Online you need to set up an account. After that user need to create game character.

There are race and class option for you to choose from.

RACE: There are five different races in the game including Elves, Human, Orcs, Undead, and the latest Mendels. Each race in this game has a different storyline as well as a different physical appearance. Also, when you choosing a race, at this screen you will be able to select whether or not your character is a female or male.

Select your race

CLASS: There are also four different classes and each is with different weaknesses and strengths. Rangers are focus on long-range weapons, while warriors are good at close combat. Mages can cast powerful offensive spells, while monks can heal through magic.

After your choice of race and classes, then you can select character’s look. There are many options.

When you decide the name of your game character you need to choos the server. Each server places you in a different location, and some servers have a higher difficulty level than others. Pick the same serve like your friends or you won’t be able to play together.

Also, in the Order & Chaos Online you can have multiple characters, Intially you will have three slots for characters, but later you may purchase an additional slot by spending some money.

Character slot locked



You can find more for you in Guide – Getting Started


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