1. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Guess his name

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    Because the update for Heroes of Order & Chaos is coming out soon, you have a chance to get to know one hero that will be coming out in that update. All you need to do is to strain your brain a bit, and there you go, you know the hero. Like in the picture below, give him a funny name in the comments. If we really crack up when we read your comment, you will get to know how the hero looks and who he is. Go now and think of something funny, he’s waiting.
  2. Order & Chaos Online – Pivotal change

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    What do you feel is the most important change that happened to Order & Chaos Online? This game change a lot since it has first started appearing on people’s screens, some say it has changed to the better, some say it has changed to the worse. But, it has definitely changed. A lot. Next to the general progression of the story which, of course, implied, lots of things are different in Order & Chaos Online today than they were a few years ago. Recently, we have asked you how you feel about the progression of Order & Chaos Online and many of you stated that you think the game went down a path of bad decisions and changes. Why is that? What are those things that have drastically changed the game in such a way that you think it’s worse now than it was when it first came out? We...
  3. Heroes of Order & Chaos – DLC 9 changes

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    Some new changes have been introduced in the new DLC 9 for Heroes of Order & Chaos. This is primarily because there have been a lot of players abusing the Heal and Teleport skills. Now new changes are introduced to stop these kinds of exploits, well, they are not really exploits, they are allowed to be used but they are not very fun or nice, so there have been some changes. We hope you like them, if not, you can tell us what’s wrong with them. First of all, the Heal (level 1 and 2) has been changed. Now, if a unit is Healed more than once in a matter of 30 seconds, they will be healed for a lesser amount. Then, the Teleport was changed. If it is used on a hero, the cooldown of the skill is increased by 50%. These changes were implemented to change the dynamics...
  4. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Tartan

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    This is more an act of expression than of anything else, and if you guys don’t like the hero suggestions, you can tell us. But, as we said it’s more an act of expression because it’s really fun to do. Coming up with new heroes stretches the imagination and if we get good feedback from you, even better, we get a confirmation that our imagination is awesome. His name would be Tartan. His story would go like this: “Born as a human, in the country of France, he lived a generally normal childhood. Generally, because weird things would happen now and then. Mostly fire related. Things would catch fire at random when he was angry and the room temperature would often go up when he entered. People felt warm around him. Until one night, he woke up hearing a muffled sound down the hallway, where his parents slept. He woke...
  5. Order & Chaos Online – How do you feel about it?

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    As the new Order & Chaos Online update is coming out very soon, we thought we would share some of our thoughts and talk about what you think about Order & Chaos Online. First of all, this new update will be amazing, new dungeons, new Lore, new daily and weekly quests, items and much more. It’s going to be really fun. But, let’s talk a little a bit about Order & Chaos Online now. This game has come really far from it’s beginnings which were really not so great. Now, it’s a super popular game, of course not perfect but people are most often so fond of it that they ignore those little problems and love the game for what it truly is. A really great MMORPG game that has a soul. It has soul character, and it is very lovable. But, how do you feel about it? Do you...
  6. Order & Chaos Online – Update coming soon

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    Hear ye, hear ye, a new update for Order & Chaos Online is coming! Soon, you will see this update. Lots of cool new things are gonna get introduced, and you can read some of them below. 1. Brand new dungeon – The Flame: Rebirth of Faith Some cool things in this new dungeon – all of the enemies are the under the direct mind control of the Flame Abbey, there are 5 new tough bosses to deal with and the final boss of the dungeon is the Archbishop. 2. The event book will have a new quest feature – New daily and weekly quests will be given and you will get rewards for doing them. Solo and team quests are also appearing. 3. Four new items on the black market. 4. 7 new mounts and 1 new pet. 5. Also, very special new events are coming up. More things...
  7. Order & Chaos Online – Merging

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    We know we have been posting a lot of controversial and strange ideas lately, but that is the way towards innovation. Being weird, thinking outside of the box, coming up with crazy ideas that no one usually likes, but end up becoming huge success stories. It is more common than you think. Now, we have thought of this earlier, but a player recently suggested it, so we thought we should give it a try and ask you how you feel about it. What do you think about connecting Order & Chaos Online with Order & Chaos Duels? Think about it, it would make it possible to win rewards in Order & Chaos Duels for Order & Chaos Online and vice versa. It would also bring these two games together making a bombastic combination with a whole new dynamics. It is definitely controversial, and it is definitely outside of the box,...
  8. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Pangeon Shadowstrike

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    Hero suggestions are back! We have had a little rest from the hero suggestions for Heroes of Order & Chaos, but now they are back. It’s really interesting to imagine new heroes and see how the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos react to them. This is a pretty cool one indeed, tell us what you think about him. His name would be Pangeon Shadowstrike, also known as Pangeon the ruthless, and he would be a mage/assassin. Very high burst damage, low sustain damage. Excellent for ganking and jungling. His Lore would go something like this: “He always had a knack for the corrupted and evil. From a young age, he loved playing mind games on everybody around him. Eventually, he discovered that playing those mind games has made him stronger, stronger in a sense that he could control peoples thoughts. As the years go by, he grew wickeder...
  9. Order & Chaos Duels – Hidden synergies

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    Order & Chaos Duels is a pretty complicated game if you think about it. It doesn’t really seem so, but underneath the surface hide many things unknown to a big number of players. More experienced players may know these hidden traits, synergies, effects and other things that the less experienced players don’t know. There are a lot of these things and we won’t even try to list them all, but we are going to talk about them a bit and see if you know any. Think about it, if you know these kinds of things you are in a big advantage. Basically, you know something that another player doesn’t know, for example a hidden effect of his card, or maybe a certain communication between two cards that are on the field. The possibilities are endless. But, here we do confirm that there are hidden synergies between cards. This means that...