1. Heroes of Order & Chaos news

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    Today you are going to finally receive some concrete information about the next update that’s coming for Heroes of Order & Chaos. Until know, you could only read stuff like “A big game changing nerf is coming, but it ain’t the pala” and “The reconnect button is getting a rework”. But, today, we can finally present you a real hero that will be introduced in the next update. He’s pretty cool so we guess that lot’s of you will want to see him as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t yet give you the date of the release of the update, but you should know that it won’t be far in the future. In the meantime, you’ll get short snippets like this one that we are bringing you today so you can stay hyped for the update in Heroes of Order & Chaos. Check out Marithus in the image below....
  2. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Cryptic images

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    All of you probably know, because we talked about it a lot, that Heroes of Order & Chaos is receiving a new update in the following period. It’s pretty awesome as updates are always welcome. And this update is pretty big one, we already talked about some things that will be introduced in the update. Things like new heroes, as well as a lot of balancing. But, the balancing, although game changing and really, really big, won’t be on the paladin which some of you may not like, some of you may like. But, we’ve got something awesome about the update for you which you will like surely. If you are an avid puzzle solver, like cryptic images and generally solving weird things, you will be especially glad for this. Down below, you can see two images. They are both taken from the documentation archives of Haradon, and one of...
  3. Order & Chaos Online – Playing a mili

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    If you play the Mili or you desire to do so in the future, here are some tips that you can follow to be better at playing them. Read about them below. - Make sure you use heal versus mages because you can break their long cast. -Make sure you don’t use lion as your first attack, but instead use the combo of kick, phoenix, lion, tiger. -If you find yourself in a situation that you have low health, run and heal. -If you need to restore, run at 2 to 3 meters from your target. -If you see an assassin in furtive mode that is near your target, you can use the mantis, and the phoenix to stun him. -Stop yourself from using deities just when you don’t have health. If you have 2 weapons, you are able to increase your damage by a whole lot for 15 secs....
  4. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Stop getting called a noob

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    Since you played Heroes of Order & Chaos, and if you have tried any similar games too, you have probably been called noob many, many times. But, there are some things that you can do to avoid being called that way, and if you do get called noob, take actions so you don’t get called a noob again. Here are the ways you can stop other players calling you a noob. 1. Don’t flame This is a pretty big thing if you don’t want to be called a noob. Firstly, if you start flaming with any reason, you will surely spark someones ego, and then they will start flaming, then everybody will start, and there you go, you are one foot in the grave of losing. If you do something bad and get called a noob, admit it, say you’re sorry, and move on. Never flame. 2. Act like a...
  5. Heroes of Order & Chaos news

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    Among other news, Heroes of Order & Chaos has introduced a new skin for the hero Aria. The Harlequin skin looks pretty awesome. And if you are curious about how the skin looks in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos, there’s some good news. HOC MYFITEGRE has made a gameplay on YouTube about the news skin for Aria, Harlequin. Check it out below and be sure to leave some feedback as it is always appreciated. Also, for those who haven’t seen our recent post regarding this, Heroes of Order & Chaos is soon getting a big update. It will be a pretty big update, with several major issues being addressed. Of course, the biggest thing that will be addressed are the balancing issues of the game. A huge balance change is coming, but it won’t be the paladin. There will also be some new heroes coming to the...
  6. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Poking

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    It’s been a while since we have written a guide for Heroes of Order & Chaos. We’re going to discuss something that is quite commonly used, but actually not done properly a lot, which can cause some problems in the game, which can ultimately lead to a loss. Let’s talk about poking in Heroes of Order & Chaos. In Heroes of Order & Chaos, and similar games, poking is the act of occasionally attacking the enemy player, or poking them, to make them lose their farm or ultimately lower their health so you can kill them or force them to leave. It is very useful since it limits the enemies ability to farm due to constant bothering. It can also cause them problems since they will be forced to either return to their base to heal, again loosing farm and allowing you to get more farm, or refuse to retreat...
  7. Heroes of Order & Chaos big update is coming

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    If you didn’t hear about this in a forum or any other place that talks about Heroes of Order & Chaos extensively, you’re going to hear it from us now. Yes, Heroes of Order & Chaos is preparing an update that will come in the following period. If you did hear about it, you probably did a pretty long time ago, and the fact that the update isn’t out yet is due to it being a pretty big one. We have some info about the coming update for Heroes of Order & Chaos that we can share with you, so read on to learn about some things that will be coming in this update for Heroes of Order & Chaos. The first point and main point that this update will be about is balancing issues. Only this is causing it to be such a long wait, because there are a...
  8. Order & Chaos Online – Now that the dust has settled

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    You most likely now about the Order & Chaos Online update that has gone live a week or two ago. If you don’t know about it, you have been away on vacation or something, let’s refresh your memory about what new features have been introduced and what old features have been remodeled or brought back. 1. A new Battlefield mode has been introduced in Order & Chaos Online where cooperation and teamwork are major strengths. 2. New Capture the Flag mode. The name is pretty self explanatory, you need to catch the opponents flag and bring it back to your base to win points. 3. 2v2 and 4v4 battle mode. 4. Awesome new League mode. 5. New and old Festival events. For full coverage on the update and update changes for Order & Chaos Online, visit this link. Order & Chaos Online update changes full coverage Now, that the dust...
  9. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Fan art contests winners

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    With all the news going around in Order & Chaos Online with the update, Heroes of Order & Chaos didn’t get a lot of love lately. But, that changed today. If you can remember, and you probably can, a month or so ago Heroes of Order & Chaos held an art contest called the Summer in Haradon Fan Art Contest. It was an awesome contests where the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos that also have an artistic side of their personality, submitted images and drawings of their favorite heroes in the game featuring their favorite skins. As a reward, the players who win this Summer in Haradon Fan Art Contest receive the skin they featured on their hero, the one they drew. It’s a pretty awesome reward being that you can literally choose the skin you want to win, you just have to draw an amazing picture. Well,...
  10. Order & Chaos Online – Update video

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    A big thing in the last few days in Order & Chaos Online has been the recently released update for the game. Next to making the game totally free, some really awesome things were introduced in the update like: The Battlefield mode where players use smarts and cunning, as well as teamwork to defeat the enemy. Capture the Flag mode, which is a strategic mode where players have the main goal of capturing the enemy team flag and bring it to their base for points. New 2vs2 and 4vs4 battle modes. League mode, where players have the chance to work as a team to climb to the top of the team ladder and become champions. You can earn honor points, which when redeemed give cool weapons and items. New festival events such as Magpie and Haradon Day. But, if you are tired of only reading about this, there is something...