1. Heroes of Order & Chaos – warding

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    Heroes of Order & Chaos has always been a game that’ hard on new players. if you’re just starting, things can and will get pretty rough. Until you catch the drift and learn a bit more about the game, you won’t have much success. And being called noob, unskilled and similar won’t help. People telling you to quit the game doesn’t do good either. So, in order to help new players, we are throwing these little guides out there from time to time. Just to give a helping hand. In this little guide we’re going to go through the basics of warding. Warding is a very important task in Heroes of Order & Chaos. It is the act of placing a ward in an important spot on the map which allows players to see there, while they wouldn’t be able to usually. It’s of essential strategic importance since it gives...
  2. Order & Chaos Online – update talk

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    Now, that the day has passed, things are slowly settling down. Order & Chaos Online has been officially updated for iOS a few days ago, and for Android yesterday. Many new things have been introduced, such as Transmogrification, which is a new armor feature, new dungeon, pets, mounts, Twitch integration, events and more. Lots of questions have been asked about the update by players, and some of them will be answered here. – A lot of players have asked how do they stream their games on Twitch. It’s not complicated, there’s an in game button in the Character list and primary menu. Just click the button, log into your Twitch accounts and click on Start Broadcasting. –  What activities will be available for players during the special Halloween festival? Daily quests, lots of them. And the Halloween dungeon, let’s not forget that. – How many bosses will the Halloween dungeon...
  3. Order & Chaos Online – Android update finally arrives

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    The wait is finally over. The last couple of days have been pretty intense because the players of Order & Chaos Online who happen to use Android as their favored devices have been really eager to get the game updated on their Android devices, and were really lighting it up in the forums and in the comments. Well, they don’t have to wait no more, because the update is here and live on Android. If you think you read that wrong, no, you’re right, Order & Chaos Online has been finally updated for Android devices. If you haven’t heard what the update is all about, let’s give you a little reminder. A lot of new things like Transmogrification, which is a really cool armor feature that you can use to transform your armor into epic, and new pets and mounts have been added. Also a brand new dungeon called Rising...
  4. Order & Chaos Online – Update coming very soon for Android

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    As of a few days ago, Order & Chaos Online has been updated for iOS. Android users have been getting really impatient and are eagerly awaiting the update for their favored devices. It’s not here yet, but it’s really, really close. Just wait a bit longer, and you’ll enjoy the game on your favorite device. For you who do not know what the update has brought, a short reminder can be found below. New Twitch integration – Order & Chaos Online can be streamed on Twitch from now on. The Twitch button can be found in your character list and the primary menu. A new dungeon in the game called Rising Flare – Chasing Shadows There are three new bosses in the game that await you in the brand new dungeon in Order & Chaos Online. Try to defeat them, if you dare. Brand new armor feature called Transmogrification –...
  5. Order & Chaos Online – Halloween fest events

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    As you all probably know by right now, Order & Chaos Online has been updated a few days ago with a pretty big update bringing lots and lots of cool new and improved stuff. A lot of cool new things were brought with the update like three new bosses, including a brand new dungeon called Rising Flare – Chasing Shadows, and awesome new armor feature called Transmogrification which allows you to transform your armor and make it look amazing. You just have to go to the shop, pay a little and your armor will be that much fancier and cooler. Also, three new mounts and a very special Halloween pet have been introduced, and Twitch integration as well. Yes, you’ll be able to stream live Order & Chaos Online from your devices. All of these things are really cool. But, another thing has also been mentioned, and that is the...
  6. Order & Chaos Online – update live

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    The update for Order & Chaos Online is here and running on iOS. Read about some of the features down below. Twitch integration – Order & Chaos Online can now be streamed in Twitch. You can find the Twitch button in your Character list and primary menu. Just click on it and you’ll broadcast your game live. A brand new dungeon – Rising Flare – Chasing Shadows Three new bosses await for you in this brand new dungeon in Order & Chaos Online. Test your skills and see if you are fit to be the ultimate hero. New armor feature Transmogrification – You can now transform your armor into some amazing looks without changing the stats of it. Visit the transformation shop located in Greenmont, and transform your armor to make it look amazing. Brand new pet and mounts – There are three new very special mounts in Order &...
  7. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Jungling and ganking

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    In the recent period we have started writing these little guides for newbies who just started playing Heroes of Order & Chaos to help them understand the game a bit more. We talked about roles, about farming and such things, and today we are going to deal in something a little more complicated. It’s not rocket science, but it can get pretty tricky. The topic we are going to discus a bit is jungling, and hand in hand goes ganking. In the next guide we will talk about counter jungling which is much more complicated than just simple jungling. Firstly, let’s explain what jungling and ganking is. Jungling is the act of staying out of lanes. You may ask yourself, well how do you farm, how do you level. There are jungle camps with monsters that help you do this. Kill them, and you’re basically doing the same as farming....
  8. Order & Chaos Online – update coming soon

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    You know that in the recent period, and in the last few months, Order & Chaos Online is due to receive a new update. It’s been a long time since the update was announced, and it is coming very close. The wait is almost over, so check out some things that will come with this new update. 1. Order & Chaos Online will be integrated with Twitch, being able to live stream from your mobile devices. 2. A brand new story dungeon – Rising Flare: Chasing Shadows. It has elite monsters, and three new difficult bosses. 3. A brand new armor feature – Transmogrify. Making your armor even more awesome using this brand new in game feature. 4. Open world PvP and more wild rides – New contested zones for tough PvP battles. And three new mounts too. 5. Awesome new surprise Halloween events – just wait and you’ll see...
  9. Heroes of Order & Chaos – The importance of farming

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    We’ve talked about this in the past, but we probably need to talk about it again for all those new players that may have missed our posts about this. We can’t stress enough how important proper farming in this game is. If you are new to Heroes of Order & Chaos, and you probably are since you’re reading this, farming is the act of killing minions, or creeps as they are often called. Good farming is the boundary between defeat and victory. Not always, but mostly. It is an individual stat, which gives you gold and experience. Fail to farm, and you’ll end up weaker by a ton. Outfarming the opponent in your lane gives you an advantage that can only be compared to being really fed. Fed meaning that you have a lot of kills, and very little or no deaths. The proper way to farm is to last...
  10. Order & Chaos Online – reasons accounts get hacked

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    You need to face the fact that hackers are present in almost every game, and Order & Chaos Online is no different. Of course, you can do some things and take some precautions to make sure your account doesn’t get hacked. Or at least to lower the chances of it happening. Why do hackers target certain accounts? Well, it is for a few reasons. Firstly, certain accounts are being targeted because they have a big amount of runes. So, don’t hold too much runes on your main account, rather store it on an alternate account. The second largest reason why accounts get hacked is because of feuds and people offending hackers, other players of certain guilds. Don’t do this. Then, showing off really high quality rare gear. It”s ok to have it, but don’t boast and show it off. You just put yourself at risk of getting your account hacked....