Order & Chaos Online - iOS UPDATE LIVE

Order & Chaos Online has existed for three long years. And for three long years, you have stuck with the game, through bad times and good times. As a token of appreciation, a great change is coming. Order & Chaos Online is from now on free. And it is permanent. Also, read more about this token of appreciation and other things in the text below.

We wanted to take the time to send to everyone this gift of appreciation for deciding to join us before this change happened. They will receive 150 Rune Stones and 1 Shining Golden Dragon Hatchling. You will get the rune stones on your account, and you will get your hatchling in your character mailbox.

This is just something to thank you for all the years you have spent with Order & Chaos Online.
These rewards are not much, but it’s the thought that counts. And, if anybody has been looking to download Order & Chaos Online, now is your chance. Any day is your chance from now on, because Order & Chaos Online will be free. No more $6.99. Tell us how you feel about this in the comments section below this text.

  • Stephen Kaminski

    I think that’s awesome, a lot of people are complaining that they paid for the game and now its free but giving away 150 runes more than makes up for that, thank you guys now we just need some new tank gear šŸ˜‰

    • Kingā€¢loco

      I Didnt Got 150 Runes yet Lol !!

  • Co_cain

    I think it’s great, but we need servers cause they are so full of players new and old it’s lagging like crazy



    • Sgamer200

      Fix? Its a perfect change, sneak should not be unlimited

      • p

        agree ;p

    • Beast Assassin

      I aggre

    • Blackdragon

      It doesn’t need fixing – it was a planned change and we all knew it was coming – you will just have to learn how to play the game now i guess

  • Deywayne

    This is amazing I feel like crying ! lol jkjk It feels really good to have stuck by a game for so long though ! I appreciate the gifts a lot !

  • Deywayne

    Are we ever gonna have allies though? Like Undead and Orcs vs Elves and Humans? Only thing left would be the little fellas… lol Oh You guys should defiantly add one more race ! that would be awesome

  • Herbivore

    Thanks for the runes! I got to finish putting gems in both my t3 and s2 gear. Also, I like changes put on divine monk, my stats look like they should have all along. Also, thanks for making the game free, maybe I can finally convince some friends to start playing. Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to future updates.

  • needey

    Maybe 950 runes :/

  • HaPPy

    Wtf did get my 150 u game all bullshit

  • Unknown

    Where to exchange anniversary medal from nick’s shop?

  • Otrova Gomas

    Gameloft, where can I go to view a list of all changes to skills and classes? I think you owe it to your customers to clearly list what changed for each calls as opposed to have us find out on our own. Can you please provide a URL where I can go to? thanks

    • Otrova Gomas

      For example Tank Health points increased, and Shield Slap was badly nerfed to double the cool down. Where is this posted? All i see for warriors in the news is that decapitate does more damage, and physical damage reduction was reduced. no details whatsoever.

  • Tank

    Great Update! Thank you guys!

  • confused player

    it’s just me or there is bug in some building?
    i can’t enter gailo house at miskatonia..
    there is 2 stairs but i can’t accent it..
    i only past it and go under the building..
    few days ago i can’t go inside cave in tear coast..
    cave with black elemental mobs..
    please fix it..
    i don’t want stay this long at arkan T-T

  • Shezif

    Listen gameloft, making this game free is terrible and making the servers lag. Please make it paid again, or refund us with our 6.99 back. Much people are quitting because of this…
    We, the good old order and chaos players, demand a refund! If it’s our money, if it’s runes.. A refund!

    • ;p

      ummm…. u want it u pay for it. no one force u to pay. why u ask for refund now? i download it when free few months ago and never buy rune. now i have 150 runes for free ;p
      it’s ok this new player usually stop play in few days and my old dead server will stay dead =_=!

  • Azogcrixus

    Please put the instant level 60 & 70 back online

  • Krap

    I dident get my runes or my pet and ive been playing for about over a year

  • Mirus Reflx

    I feel ripped off. I purchased this game 2-3 days ago and paid $6.99 for it and now it’s become free. I am not very happy about this at all. I do not like wasting money for free apps and would like for you to refund my money.

  • TomĆ”k aka Zmrzka

    New players need a chance at PvP.
    1. Give us opportunity to buy combatant/s2 epic/s3 blue items for honor points.
    2. Allow to convert honor points for arena points and vice versa
    How we can take rank for new s3epic pvp gear if there is a rank restiction.
    3. let the players play the higher ranks only against each other. Bronze vs Bronze, Silver vs Silver, ….
    ofc teams can be mixed but we can still use an avarage value.

  • SupComRP

    I’m playing OAC for about 6/7 months now, and i dont mind the change thats it’s free for everyone now. Leg everybody enjoy the fun of OAC! Right?..

    .. Right? But now everyone is getting a little pissed off.. Servers are overloaded! I decided to create a new character, so i started of in The Tanned Lands and I just reached Greenmont (lvl12-15). Untill now i’ve met so many NEW players who are thinking about QUITING OAC, just because they have to wait 15-30minutes to complete a quest due to the large ammount of players walking around. “Every NPC get’s killed before I even get the chance to click it! And when I do manage to slay it, it’s just 1 outta 20”

    This is very frustrating for everyone. Not even mentioning the achievements “Rare blood in…”

    Please think of a solution GameLoft! Thanks in advance.

    Your loyal gamer, SupComRP

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  • .-.

    God dammit gameloft is so frustrating, I didn’t even get the runes first of all, and I’ve been playing for over 2 years. Can you plz add the runes to my account? It’s Destrotroop

  • .-.


  • gorgutzz

    WHERE IS MY FREEKING RUNES??!?!?! MY ACCOUNT IS 2 YEARS OLD AND IN THE PAST 2 UPDATES I HAVENT GOTTEN A SINGLE FREEKING RUNE!!!!! AND I HAVE PROOF OF IT!! i still have the cookies and the pup left over from the christmas update and so on, but these last 2 updates i havent gotten so much as 1 bronze coin god damit

  • Frank Pain

    I never got my runes or dragon

  • maj22011

    I did not receive the 150 runes when I logged in that day, I only got the golden shining dragon

  • Jin

    I’m officially unable to log into my Google+ account. U seriously need to learn to plan the servers are overrun with noobs and I’m unable to log into my character now which I’ve out over 500.00$ into are u serious fix this now game loft seriously. I don’t want a refund I want the game to work properly without ping, lag, and server syncs.

  • Ernest
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  • MiamiGoon

    i didn’t get any Hatchling or 150 rune stones either. I bought this game long ago, over a year.

  • Owt4blD

    I didn’t get any hatchling nor runesand I have been playing this for over year now.

  • Kingā€¢loco

    How to get the 150 Runes ??

  • Kingā€¢loco

    Why saying People Will get 150 Runes and the dragon ? I only Got the dragon. My brother made a new account using facebook and started with 150 Runes yesterday ?.. I tryed to make a new on my facebook and Didnt get anything ? Wtf is Wrong ?

  • Starkmau5

    i never got the hatchling

  • Johnre Manipol Gabo

    I have not recieved the 150 runes stone and the dragon hatchling
    If you are going to give me 150 rune stone and the hatchling my account is

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