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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Rookie mistakes

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Today we are going to talk about the most common mistakes rookies make in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos as well as similar games. These are the things that stop you from reaching your full potential as a player, so try to change them as soon as possible to advance to the next level of skill.

1. Not focusing on farm

We have talked about this many times now, and we said many times that farming is the most critical thing in this game. Without it, you would be very, very weak. So focus on your farm a lot, because that is what will set you apart from other players.

2. Focusing on farm, but just in the beginning

Well, you are doing good, but keep it going. Don’t stop half game. Of course, later in the game farming is not everything you should focus on, but keep it going, don’t stop.

3. Falling for ganks

If an underpowered player is waiting for you, with low health just standing in place, or going left-right, he is trying to lure you into a gank. Don’t fall for it, call your team for help, and destroy those sneaky bastards.

4. Chasing too far

It’s ok to chase in order to secure a kill, but going half way across the map will just waster your time and leave you at a disadvantage.

  • Saros7

    Yeah, and how about the fact the game doesn’t start immediately??? Seriously! Change the game timer already!!!! Please make it 30 seconds to start the match!! Please make it so the team can surrender at 6:00!!!! I’m tried of having to play against high level players using “Dark Elf” or “Immortal” and then seeing them using Teleports and stun locking you and having a Depronee become invincible when using its third skill and slashing you 4 times!!!!