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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Rookie mistakes 2

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Today, we are going to bring you the second part of the Rookie mistakes article we did yesterday. Let’s start.

1. Backing out too soon

You gotta commit, but don’t over commit. It’s a bit tricky, we talked about it already. When you start an attack, especially against ranged heroes, be sure you are ready to commit. Don’t go halfway in, and then back out, you are just gonna lose health and probably die. Only attack when you are sure you have the upper hand.

2. Suicide attacks

This is something many beginner players do, because they don’t know how to estimate the ratio of power in a fight. What they do, often they lunge into a few enemies and get destroyed. Don’t do this, even if there are two enemies with half health, they still add up to one enemy with full health, but with the extra damage. Look out for this.

3. Not focusing on your objective

This is pretty straightforward. If you are an ADC, farm and kill. If you are a tank, get the focus on you, and stay put. If you are a support, make sure your ADC does a good job, don’t steal his farm. If you are a mage, destroy the hell out of your opponents and stand back. Just stick to your assignment and everything will be alright.

  • Saros7

    Don’t estimate the power? Really? Or how about the fact there are already level 40 players using teleport to get across the damn field????

  • Saros7

    Also I’m new to the game but first game I played was on the App Store and I’m appalled at the tutorial it’s completely broken! It does not explain anything about the rules of a “moba” like, pay-to-win strategies or “support” “fighter” and “tank” seriously…. Or the fact that there are more expensive heroes on the roster that can wipe out an entire team in one go????