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Order & Chaos Online has always been a game that is either loved or hated. There are a lot of games that are like this, with no inbetween feelings about it. The exact reason for this is not known, but, we guess it’s because of the genre of the game. It’s something that, for some people is too geeky, or to nerdy or something, and for some it is the best thing in the world. Or it’s because of something else, we really can’t know with certainty, we can only guess what it is. The community of Order & Chaos is also pretty specific because of this. It’s not a blend of different players, it’s basically a raging war between the two factions of players who love Order & Chaos Online and the players who hate Order & Chaos Online. And because of this there is always some insult war going on on some forums or comments or any other place that Order & Chaos Online players gather. What is also interesting is that those players who hate Order & Chaos Online are almost always guys who don’t play the game. They either played it a long time ago or didn’t play it at all and just troll. What’s you opinion about this?

  • JackTalzin

    Let’s set aside the point that your posts about this game are lacking in substance and/or meaning. This post in-particular is a prime example of it. You state “What is also interesting is that those players who hate Order & Chaos Online are almost always guys who don’t play the game.” Why would anyone play the game they hate? When I played Order and Chaos I initially loved it. I got up to 60, geared up, did dungeons, and pvp. When the 70 update hit I was leery. The technical issues, the hackers that would crash players, the inept customer service, it all simply became too much as the months past after the 70 update. I left the game. Yes, people who hate the game don’t play it. How is that interesting? Are you expecting someone who hates a game to play it? That in itself makes absolutely no sense. On a side note, can you please actually post informative blogs about this game (not these generic and wasteful opinions that are often times no bigger than a paragraph)? On top of that is there any chance you can stop sucking up to Gameloft… unless you’re on their payroll….

    • James Crawley

      Judging from your in-text response and its tone you miscomprended the prompt and went on a tangent.

  • Sebriel

    I agree with jack. This is a useless blog and waste of time. While I do enjoy the game still I think there are some major issues that should be addressed. For instance, why isn’t the a city for the chaos faction what’s the point of order and chaos if we all live happily ever after. Why not divide the factions and create a battle grounds for us to duke it out. Or maybe create dungeons that allow more than 4 players to group within it, perhaps a raid function? Guilds barely get to interact because of the 4 person limit . allow us to fight with one another and function as a whole! Thanks :)

    • Sgamer200

      The already said that raids would be a problem cause old devices cant handle it

      • Shawn Martineau

        old devices need to get a life.

  • Hithiquen

    I don’t know many people who ‘love’ the game. I play it because there’s nothing else available on ios. The main problem with the game for me is all the pay-to-win content.

  • James Crawley

    It’s a good question to ask I think and I’m going to stretch this a bit with this opening. And since is its likely the negative comments that are the biggest problem this will focus on them more. If a person hates the game they are either first hand not a fan of mmorpgs or his or her first experiences while playing the game were negative.

    Sorry in advance for any errors or mid-sentence changes intentions its pretty late here.

    To deal with the players that hate the game but still post negative things about the game online in the forum, its a tricky thing. From my on real-life experiences at College, there are people that love it, and there are the people that hate it, and then there are also the people that are really mix-mined about this but we don’t really know about it. There would be some the complained and picked on the College for the things that did not meet there expectations and said how they would have done it to make it better, however, even when there were things that they like about the college they did not exactly show appreciation they just enjoyed it.

    To deal with the players the say negative things about the game that have not played it. It could be something similar with expectations. Some posts about the game require some from of accepted truth about the game if not an assumption. This could potentially mean that the person that made the negative comment is actually playing the game, is in contact with someone that plays the game, or read or seen negative reviews about the game that were pretty convincing. And this isn’t out of reason, think about it, if there is a costumer looking for an MMORPG for the mobile platform, they are going to most likely research tons of reviews and watch videos that current players made about the game. So if that review was negative that would impact there image of the game in his or her head, why they might be posting on the fora could be a social product of human nature here. This person could just be flag-waving or trying to leave a message to attract people with similar views to the thread, basically calling out to draw the attention of people with similar views in the community( just one of many possible reasons, but the one I think is most likely if it is a troll). Another phenomenon, it seems that negative opinions about a game inspires more negative opinions not sure if this is also a part of what Gameloft is experience. Well to answer this lets think about the psychology that I think might be behind this.

    As human when we experience something that makes us a certain emotion our brain pulls up things that occurred that are similar and made us feel the same way. So if you got in a argument with a person you would most likely recall all other previous arguments that you had with this person. And in the context seeing a negative post about the game could bring up negative thought’s based on the players experience in the game that were negative. What is remembered is the negative and the positive things about the game are usually thrown out of the picture. Another thing is the morale and motivation a person has to respond to a negative post would naturally increase if it seems that the number of supporters if growing or if something conflicted them (there are other possibilities as well). Some people need more motivation and others don’t need motivation to post

    So to kind of give a synthesis here. There are more likely more then just 2 different types of people that are posting on the OnC fora, the ones that had the bad initial experience, saw negative reviews, the people that enjoy the game but complain and pick about the things that they don’t like or that don’t meet their expectations, and then there is the people that are really just into the game all the way. And from my own observations (and this is not to be taken as completely substantial to a judgement made from this) the majority of people are those the are mix-minded or are really in the the game. So think about the College student he or she is likely the overall experience of the college-experience however, their are some things that bring up negative sentiments about the game which draws in people with similar experiences and thoughts forming a secondary group.

    Another thing to keep in mind is nostalgia and looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses this is something that a lot of games struggle with in communities and it fires up negativity from players. A company wants to push a game in one direction, however, the players are already comfortable and content with the game as it was but still want updates.

    Hopefully, I got my idea across about this.. I expanded a bit but it was for a point.

  • Sgamer200

    Yea I hate haters