Order & Chaos Online - NEWS

Order & Chaos Online has a very special offer for you now. For this weekend, all rune purchases in Order & Chaos Online are doubled. Yes, you read that right. Every rune you buy is doubled. You buy 400, you get 800. You buy 950, you get 1900. And not at a higher price. At the same price, but doubled the amount. You should really use this and stock up on runes. If you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of this, for sure.

double runes

  • Markus M

    Too expensive

  • Boots

    Yeah to expensive need 50$ for 1900 runes that’s right

  • Nuno

    Missed that one, do it again soon pls! Was away

  • Austin Angel

    Hope there’s a special this weekend for the 4th of July! Definitely going to buy some runes!