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It is quite peculiar when classes are present in games. It has become mainstream for your game to have various classes, like mages, fighters and hybrid classes like thieves, rangers or rogues. But, the presence of classes in these games brings a whole new level of availability for players. For example, think about this. If there was only one class present in a game, let’s say fighter, meaning you can only play as a fighter the whole entire game, fighting through hordes of enemies. Now, imagine if you are a really conservative type, a passive, always defensive guy. You like to stay out of range. Basically, you don’t know how to play fighters. Then, a huge problem would arise. That is why classes are so important. They bring a whole new diversity and depth into games, allowing much more players to play with their strengths. The width that was brought into the games with the introduction of classes is huge. Possibly, they are up there as one of the most important things introduced into modern gaming. What are you favorite classes in Order & Chaos Online? Are you the blood raged, head first fighter guy, or are you the stealthy, long range ranger? Or maybe a glass cannon mage, dishing huge damage but not being able to survive a long time without help? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Shawn Martineau

    there needs to be new classes and races. heck I’d pay for them. dwarves, gnomes, halflings, trolls, goblins. clerics, thieves, paladins, warlocks, spellswords.


      Rofl for warlock
      Make a mage a dude wallllaaa warlock

    • [GM]Roxy

      If you have any questions or suggestions please email us..

      • Shawn Martineau

        e-mail address?

      • Hakanor

        What is the email for suggestions?

  • Sgamer200

    Mages are my favorite class but this game needs new classes and races, we have only 4 classes since first release and longer talent trees with new spells for the next level cap

  • Kazzaz

    I would love to have new classes and races for new update and new lvl cap
    I hope that will happn soon



  • NOlvlCAPorUwillLoseApayingCUST


    • Sgamer200

      I like level caps

  • Skull stomper

    Plzzzzx lv 80 cap 70 is soooo boring now

  • [GM]Roxy

    Lvl cap will be adde to lvl 90 soon, stay tune!!!

  • James Crawley

    The class the best fits my fighting style is Archers and Mili Monks