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What was the first thing that drew you to Order & Chaos Online? Everybody has to start somewhere, and you are no exception. But, what was your first experience with the game of Order & Chaos Online? Did a friend refer it to you? Or did you see an ad and then just decide well I should start playing? And, when you did decide to play the game what was your first impression? Did you like it or not? Tell us, in the comments section below, how did you start playing Order & Chaos Online.

  • Sgamer200

    First I saw gameloft announcing it and I saw trailer but I was like “nah its not my thing” than I saw friends posting screenshots etc and it looked like they are really having fun. Than I tested it first on facebook and really enjpyed it so I bougt the ios version and it was really fun, good old memories

  • Mainboard

    Sgamers a nerd. I love the game tho

  • Skullstomper

    I played wow for years and this look like mobile wow and that was it I was sold

  • Joe

    I used to play WOW and saw the game which basically mimics WOW in almost every aspect on mobile device. Then I started to play and realized its just a mobile WOW with pay to win feature and very poor arena system. Also, the lack of battlefield is another drawback. But overall its a great for leisure play.

  • Hakanor

    By pure chance I found the game while looking for RPGs in the App Store, then I bought it 3 weeks later and started playing it as I was hoping it was a mobile WoW

    But then I noticed few things which in my opinion should be implemented:
    1. Dwarves: are one the most popular races added to mmos, since this is a wow ripoff how is it there are no dwarves.
    2.all races (except elves I think) have bold hairstyle but undeads don’t wtf?! I mean 90% of hairstyles for them are CRAP
    3. Pay2Win?? Really? I thought for once there is a game that doesn’t rip off money

  • Random

    I think this is the best game I’ve ever played. And to the people complaining, nobody has ever made a mmorpg this good on mobile devices. You can’t compare computers to mobile devices. And it’s not pay to win at all, it’s pay to save time. Everything in this game be obtained through drops. Money can only get you essences faster, free players have access to everything in the game.