Order & Chaos Online - new update

Order & Chaos Duels has always been a bit stale. It was always somewhat interesting, but the gameplay was always a tad stale and a bit, well, same. But, that has changed. A few weeks ago, Order & Chaos Duels has changed. A new update has been released in the game and it is a whole new world now. Order & Chaos Duels has been evolving lately, but now with the release of this update, it is just wow. The game is much more exciting, the combat is much more fierce. Basically, the game has gone from ordinary to a bit more than ordinary. Check out the new things that have been added to the game below:

There are a few things that have been added, among which probably the most epic one the Tower Challenge, a new battleground for players. Also, the main campaign of the game has been expanded with about 30 missions. Then, 30 totally new cards for you to play with in Order & Chaos Duels. Also, the existing heroes in the game have been changed and improved a lot. Basically, this was a huge update and it essentially changed the game from the roots. It is now more exciting, and more difficult too. Check it out now on Order & Chaos Duels. And if you feel like it, maybe you can tell us what you think about it in the comments down below.

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