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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Share the moments

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We wanted to know something about the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos. We have been thinking about that lately a lot so we thought we should ask you to tell us your opinion about it. We all know, even if you don’t play Heroes of Order & Chaos, that there are a lot of heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos. You can see it even in the name of the game. Some are good, some are bad, some are even great, but they way you see them is individual. A hero who is really strong for somebody can be weak for somebody else. So, we thought we should ask you this, what is your fave and what is the hero you hate most in Heroes of Order & Chaos? And we don’t mean when you play against them, we mean when you play with them. We know that feeling, you probably know too, when you are playing with your fave hero and everything seems to be going right, your farm is amazing, you are on a huge killstreak, you just love the lore behind your hero and how he plays, it is almost like you are in love. And we also know that moment when you pick a hero that you dislike and everything goes wrong, you don’t want to leave the game but it is a pain to continue playing. Share those moments with us.

  • Nah

    We don’t need fancy skin or lots of hero, we just need a stable server and less bug. I have hang my game for months already, when I re login in and play, the problem still persist. Through there are lots of new update, but the bugs never seems trying to fixed. Even this website is buggy too.

  • lvbubi

    Gameloft should focus on fixing the annoying bugs. The crashes started for me around December and I still crashing. This is really annoying because gameloft steal the most important from me. The fun! Im playing this game for more than 1.5 years and I have more than 2000 won matches. I enjoy the game only when I play against top rank players. Theres nothing worse when I almost won the game and then suddenly got a crash.

    In my opinion all heroes are ballanced, some of them are easy some really hard to play. For example Gaia Guardian is one of the most difficult hero but in good hands she can be a real monster.

  • Nexue

    Ok, so there is a few awesome heroes for me. The heroe i have masterd and got really good with is the Arcane warrior, he is amazing. specially if you now how to build him in-game. Another one is Debronee, i love him but i dont have the money to buy him so i only destroy ppl when he is free. And the last one is Paladin he is just cra-zey. The worst heroe for me is Goblin scout, i just dont know hot po play him, im not saying he is a bad heroe, just bad for me. Also i really want Scoundrel and Gambler because they are OP. And let me just add one thing, can GAMELOFT ppl find it in their heaths and minds to somehow allow us regular players that dont really spend money on runes to get some challenges or quest or anything speccialy for us so we can buy skins and such things.

    • Awesome

      There are ways to get gems in game without pay anything, free gems on shop or play for the tournament!

  • Awesome

    I think goldfur got really weak, he doesn’t have a high damage like arcane, so his unique move to kill was discordance, now he has a nerf and between every discordance some heroes could kill him easily, you should fix him, other heroes like aria are not in balance, she has a weak defense and her skills and base attack isn’t pretty good too, you should give her more power in her skills, something useful…

  • Tezoriginal

    I was really happy about the new heroes, first u release the monkey tank, a tank that cant stun and if u play it as a figther doesnt do to much damage so it become usseless. And then you release daliana, i was really exciting about this héro, I thougth that maybe this héro could be better than debronee, I was really Wrong, i saw her skills, stun for one sec. use her sword to do damage , and the skill that its pretty similar to debrones, but usseless because this do less damage and if the enemy is in grup you lose ur target and attack all of them. I think that you should pay more attencion on this héroes, because there are already to many op heroes in the game and add this heroes to the game its just a waste of time.

  • DudeItsMe1

    The truth is anyone can be good with any hero with enough practice.If you know the right stuff to bye and how to play the hero.for me I’m average with all of the heroes.my favorite is archer paladin and nuut.im pro with more than 10 heroes