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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Know your classes part 2

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Yesterday we talked about mages and ADC’s, today we are going to talk about fighters and tanks. First, let’s start with the tanks. To the untrained eye, it may seem that tanks are really easy to play. You just have a huge amount of health and immortality (almost), and you charge head first into a crowd. It’s not that simple. Of course, on lower levels players will be like, oh my god, he’s so crazy he just charged against three of us, he’s gonna totally die, oh my god. But, those are the players who don’t know how to react in this situation. Skilled players, if this happens to them, would just ignore the tank. Straight up ignore him. Why? Well, because the tank is the opponent that does the least damage and is basically there to distract you while their ADC kills everybody. That is why it is so hard to play tanks in higher levels. Everybody is just gonna straight up ignore you and you won’t have enough firepower to kill enemies. That’s why tanks need to know how to shift the focus on themselves. There is not really a definitive guide on how to do that, which makes it even more difficult. It all depends on the situation. But, you just have one goal, make the enemy attack you instead of your teammates. And that is all you have to do as a tank. Now, let’s move on to fighters. They are usually hybrid heroes, somewhere in between tanks and ADC’s. They do solid damage, but also are not that squishy and have a fair amount of health. There is not science in playing them, you just have to focus on the main goal of the game, farm, kill enemies, push. Stick to that, and you are going to do just fine.

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  • Raggnovok

    If you run a Tank with a Fighter instead of Guardian talent tree you can significantly boost their attack. Attack Items in the (in game) shop cross enough that you can still hold a decently high HP and do this… I’m about half way to level 40 and so far that seems to have held true…

  • Ng Jun Hao

    i bed to differ if you met a pro paladin grandmaster who buys adc items.