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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Know your class

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Let’s continue with the Essential Skills series in Heroes of Order & Chaos. Today, it’s going to be more of a beginners guide for those who are playing Heroes of Order & Chaos for a short time and didn’t grasp the general gameplay yet. Well, our guides are mostly like that, but today we are going to talk about something really basic which is hero classes. We are going to explain some classes so you could more easily choose them in the game. First let’s start with probably the most complicated class that are mages. Mages are, as we said before, probably the most complicated and difficult class to play with. There are a few things you need to know about them. First of all, mages are something which in the gaming community is known as “glass cannons”. Meaning that they can deal a lot of damage, but are very weak when attacked, meaning they die easily. Most mages are also excellent burst damage heroes, meaning they do a huge amount of damage in a short time and then they can’t due almost any damage at all. This is due to the fact that they rely solely on their ability to do damage, and their abilities have cooldowns. So when you fire all your abilities you are basically useless for about 10 seconds. Also, something you need to know about mages is that they need to play solo lane because of the need for extra gold and experience. Now, let’s move on to the simplest class of all, the AD Carry. Although they are the simplest, they carry the greatest responsibility in the team. They basically what their name says, AD (Attack Damage) Carry (meaning they have to carry the team to victory). They are also glass cannons, but they are usually not great bursters, because they rely on their auto attack, they usually are great sustain damage heroes. Also, most AD Carries are ranged heroes. Something you need to know about them is that they need a support, about which we will talk tomorrow, and the most farm out of all members of the team.

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