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Heroes of Order & Chaos – That high

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We’ve been thinking a lot lately, and since Heroes of Order & Chaos is a multiplayer game, indeed a very specific type of multiplayer game, we have happened to notice a certain phenomenon that goes on in certain games. It’s not nothing too strange, but since we have experienced it on our skin we wanted to talk about it with you and see how you feel about it, if this has ever happened to you at all and so on. We are talking about, and if you play Heroes of Order & Chaos and similar games for a longer you have experienced it, that moment when you are playing really well, and all of a sudden you find yourself so fed that you transform into a hunter, basically Predator from the movie. The only thing you start doing is to see when a little enemy head pops up on the minimap and you rush there to kill them. And every time you happen to come across someone you kill them, without even the faint possibility of dying. You even rush head first into two, three or even more enemies and slay them all. Has this ever happened to you? And if it did happen to you, how did you feel? All we can remember is the feeling of power and the spirit of a hunter. Tell us in the comments below.

  • Smilelover11

    U guys need to fix the events
    When I do the even, and I look at what I have to is shows that theirs no event
    But when I got back to the menu I tells me their is an event and did I got no but for the avent

  • DudeItsMe1

    that has happen to very rarely when i lost control,being violent and all.would u guys consider making a campaign for heroes of order and chaos?

  • Pernixxx

    Lol, yes. It happens every game when I play Agdirousi,