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Heroes of Order & Chaos – You get to choose

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For all the lovers of Heroes of Order & Chaos, we have some pretty awesome news that will bring joy to their faces, and hopefully yours too. Read more below about the great news.

Well, a few days ago we talked about what your favorite hero in Heroes of Order & Chaos is. We also asked you what your least favorite hero is too. And now, you can see that it was not in vain. Now, Heroes of Order & Chaos offers you an unique possibility, probably just this one time, but if it sticks, you will see more of it in the future. Now, Heroes of Order & Chaos lets you vote for the next hero rotation. This is pretty awesome if you think about it. You actually get to decide which hero in Heroes of Order & Chaos will be free for the next free hero rotation. Amazing. Now, you can take all the talk you had about your favorite heroes from a few days ago an use it here to choose your favorite hero. All you have to do, is to think a bit and decide, and then go to the given link and just submit your vote. It couldn’t get easier than that.

If you are looking to submit your vote for the next heroes in the following free hero rotation in Heroes of Order & Chaos, visit this link http://gmlft.co/VOTEFREE.

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  • Saros7

    My least favorite heroes are the damn “starter” heroes especially ones with stupid NAMES… Oh god! CAN YOU PLEASE COME UP WITH BETTER NAMES??

    PLEASE, boost Ereferns, abilities!!! It’s a piece of sh!t monster that can’t hold it’s on in a match!