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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Essential Skills (Soloing a lane 1 vs. 2)

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Let’s continue our Essential Skills for Heroes of Order & Chaos. Today, we are going to talk about Soloing a lane 1 vs. 2. This implies the time when you are playing alone in a lane against two enemy champions. This can be a little tricky, but if done properly will leave you at an advantage gold and experience wised. First of all, if you are playing this kind of lane you will have to be very, very careful. You are at a basic disadvantage when it comes to power, because two enemy champions are almost always stronger than one. There are a few things you need to take care and note if playing like this. First, and most important of all, focus on your farm. That is the single most important thing when playing this sort of game. Essentially, it is very logical, minion waves consist of the same number of minions, and you are the only player farming for your team, while there are two players farming for the enemy team. Thus, if a minion wave consists of, let’s say for example, 20 minions, you can get all 20 of them while the enemy players must share them. They can either get something like 20 minions for one of them, but none for the other, or divide it by half, 10 for each one. Wave after wave you will have this advantage and if you focus on your farm, you will be on a huge advantage because your farm largely exceeds theirs. In order to be more successful in this there is something you can do and it’s called poking. Harass enemy champions so they would have to go back and quit their farm, leaving you free to farm for yourself and limiting their farm even more. Poking is also a way you can get kills. Poke one enemy champ until they are forced to go back, and then you are left with only one enemy champion in the lane for a while. In this time, if you see the opportunity go in for the kill. Also, if this is too difficult for you at times, you can request the aid of your jungler to gank the lane and help you for a short amount of time. These are the basic things you need to remember when Soloing a lane 1 vs. 2. Just stay calm, even though you may think you are hugely overwhelmed, just stick to these tips and you will soon be at a huge advantage.

  • Shadowclaw101

    XD i love these tips cause it relates to league of legends

  • Oni

    Lane2 useskill many easy

  • Saros7

    Here’s a Protip the only heroes capable of soloing at the late game are Immortal, Inquisitor, Dark Elf (quickly build this character steal kills otherwise you’re swamped and left to be feeder to the enemy) and Child of the Forest.

  • Saros7

    I these stupid “Let’s Talk” as I’m going to called them… They least NO valid strategy nor does it list ANY heroes to take down these supposed “1v2” scenarios… Nor any items!