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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Daliana gameplay

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We have got a potential decision maker here. Well, it’s not really a decision maker, it’s more of a thing that will help you make a decision. Read more about this in the text below and check out the video underneath the text.

The last update in Heroes of Order & Chaos was pretty well received. Why shouldn’t it, a lot of things were fixed, and some new things were introduced, including new heroes. There were three new heroes released, and one of the was Daliana – The Shadow. She is pretty strong indeed. And, if you didn’t catch a chance to see her in the game, either didn’t play with her or didn’t have her on your team yet, there is this neat gameplay of her on YouTube that you can check out and maybe decide whether you like her or not. Maybe, you were thinking about buying her but didn’t see her and you were eager to check out how she behaves in the game, we will tell you now that she is very strong, but you better check that out for yourself. Down below you will find the video of Dalian – The Shadow and her gameplay, in an actual game so you could more easily decide whether to get her or not. Check out the video below: